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Mini Review: Goosebumps the Game

Over 20 years ago R.L. Stine introduced the world to Goosebumps and changed horror, and children’s literature forever. He managed to take themes and elements normally reserved for adults and put them into horror for a younger audience. It managed to be scary for kids without being too much for them to handle. Over the years the series has spun off into tv show, spin off books, movies, and games.

The latest game is a point and click adventure game, that follows the general plot of the movie. The creatures from the books have escaped, and it’s up to you the gamer to solve the mystery and get them trapped again. It’s a cool concept though feels more than a little incomplete. There are a LOT of little cookies from the books that show up in the game, but none of them are really fleshed out. You interact with a character from the books for a few short seconds then move on. It’s more than a little disappointing, just a few characters with more detail would have been a better direction.


There also seems to be some confusion over the audience. The game is clearly meant to be kid friendly, as the books are. Though it seems all the details are meant to appeal to adult audiences. The puzzles themselves are also slightly difficult to solve at times. It leaves a confused feeling because the game is not enough for the older adult audience, but might be too much for kids.

Yet the game is still enjoyable. It’s nice to even have the small interaction with the characters from the books. The story is interesting enough, and if you like point and click games the gameplay is solid. It’s short and feels a little incomplete, but enjoyable. The new generation of potential Goosebumps fans should enjoy it, while there is nostalgia for older players.

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