2016 Hype

2016 looks like it will be a great year for all forms of media. We will be seeing follow ups to things we loved in the past, a second chance for a hero, and possibly one of the most heartbreaking superhero movies ever. While this is not everything to look forward to in 2016, here are some of the things that have geeks and nerds most excited.

The Return of The X-Files


January 24th will see the return of one of the most beloved science fiction shows of all time. Mulder and Scully will be back for a 6 episode mini series. As of now there is no public plan for the series to continue after the six episodes, however the news is still exciting. The series left with many questions unanswered, so it’s nice to see the return of the show and maybe get some long awaited closure to certain issues.

Luke Cage

The character of Luke Cage has already premiered on the Netflix series Jessica Jones, but it’s nice to see him getting his own show. Luke Cage is an important hero for a number of social reasons, and it’s great to see this hero in a starring role. So far Jessica Jones has been well received, so here’s hoping to see more greatness from this Netflix original.

Captain America Civil War


Civil War was a great, though sad comic series. Pitting many beloved heroes against each other in a violent, and often depressing face off. Many people (myself included) were surprised to see Marvel put this in movie form. However despite how surprised I am, it still looks amazing. It’s also something different from what we’ve been seeing in Marvel movies lately.



Marvel had a shot at bringing the character of Deadpool to the big screen, and they blew it. They took away what makes Deadpool, Deadpool. It looks like this time they might get it right though. The choice to go with an R rating means that they are probably going to embrace the crass, rude, lewd, and over the top nature of the character. Trailers look promising, and Ryan Reynolds seems like the perfect choice for the role.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst


This sequel has been a long time coming. Mirror’s Edge was beautiful, and offered unique and enjoyable gameplay. There were many struggles in getting the follow up off and running though. It’s finally going to happen and many people cannot wait. Catalyst so far looks like it will be a solid sequel, and good for fans new and old.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This game looked gorgeous and unique when it was revealed at E3. It’s a game set in a far post apocalyptic future, with robotics, and mechanized enemies. The setting while futuristic also takes inspiration from the far past. There are dinosaur like creatures, and the characters take on an almost caveman like aesthetic. It’s an interesting blend of two vastly different design directions, and it looks compelling. Gameplay seems to lean to the action side of things, but there will be RPG elements. If the gameplay lives up to the looks then this will be very enjoyable experience.

These are just a few of the things for people to be hyped about coming in 2016. There promises to be a lot of great media to keep us entertained. What are some of the things you are most looking forward to?

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