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Impressions: Castle Crashers Remastered

Castle Crashers was a rather fun game for Xbox 360 and Steam. The Remastered version just came out for Xbox One. Developers, The Behemoth, said that it would be more than just a straight port of the original game. The question is did it manage to live up to that promise?

Plot Summary:


Castle Crashers has a pretty basic plot. A crystal and the four princesses are stolen from a kingdom. You control one of the knights sent out to save the princesses and the crystal, to bring all home. While on your journey you see that it was a coordinated attack, with 4 different main enemies each taking one of the princesses for themselves. It’s not a complicated plot, and there is no dialogue. Rather the story is just shown playing out as you progress forward.


The core gameplay of Castle Crashers has not changed. It’s still a hack and slash game which emphasizes co-op. The game can be played on it’s own, but it’s really designed for two or more people to enjoy together. Many areas are challenging enough with one extra person, let alone attempting to tackle it on it’s own. You move from area to area trying to take down enemies, bosses, and find items in order to unlock new areas.


Attacks are broken down into regular, strong, and magic. You also have various items and can choose which one to use, such as bows, or bombs. There are various combos and as you level you will unlock more. However, like all hack and slash games there is a certain amount of button mashing that takes place. Eventually though you will learn the combos and tactics that work best for you. I tend to spam the magic powers where as someone might focus almost completely on melee combat.

As with the orginal version there are a variety of characters. You start off with the basic four from the first game. From the start you also have a few more characters added (like the pink knight) since the remastered version includes all the DLC from the original. You also unlock various characters by completing different levels or challenges. Each character controls the same, but how they play varies. For instance some are slower than others, and the magic is unique to each character.

The gameplay is fun and uncomplicated. It’s not the most in depth game, but it is entertaining from start to finish. The same goes for how the game itself unfolds. Despite the lack of in-depth story the game manages to be pretty humorous. It brings a fair share of raunchy humor and silly moments. As said above, it’s fun and uncomplicated.

The remastered version doesn’t feel like much of a remaster though. The framerate and graphics are polished, which is nice. There is also a new multiplayer mode where you run from enemies. You can import your characters from Xbox 360 or start all over again. These are all nice things to be added, but not really enough to sell the game on it’s own.


People that missed out on Castle Crashers should really consider it. The game is entertaining, great to play with other people, and not that expensive. If you have already played it it’s worth going through again. I forgot how much I really enjoyed the game, and was happy to experience it again. It’s nothing like the first time I played though, and found myself grateful that I had not had to pay full price for the game a second time.


It’s still fun and worth playing, however the remastered version doesn’t bring a whole lot of “new” to the experience. It’s a nice polish on what was a strong foundation, but it’s still pretty much the same.

Let us know what you think?

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