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Tales From The Crypt Coming Back

TNT and M Night Shyamalan will be rebooting the classic series, Tales from the Crypt. TNT will be bringing horror and/or suspense themed content during a two hour block once a week on the channel. As part of that block Tales from the Crypt will be a central focus. Shyamalan will bring both completely new episodes, as well as focus on bringing some of the older comics to life.


The Tales from the Crypt comics were a EC Comics horror series, with 27 issues. In the 1970s there was a movie released based partially on the comics. However Tales from the Crypt became a household name on HBO when the show ran for 7 seasons, almost hitting the 100 episode mark. The HBO series only gave life to six of the comic issues, so there are a few for Shyamalan and his team to work with. Not only that but it does seem like a fitting home for Shyamalan who is well known for his twists, something that Tales from the Crypt used often.


What is slightly upsetting though, is that TNT is a basic cable channel. Many attribute the reason that Tales did so well on HBO, to the fact that premium cable channels don’t have as many limitations. The show didn’t have to face as much censorship as it would have on a basic cable channel. However the show ended in 1996, and it is safe to say that censorship laws have changed a lot since then. On TNT today, the show might have only a little difference in freedom then it did on HBO a few decades ago.

Either way horror fans can rejoice in the return of this show. Not only that but we will bring you more news on what the entire horror block might include as it becomes available.

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