Goodbye Alan Rickman

It’s taken me awhile to decide exactly what to say, and in what way to say it. I don’t know that there is anything I could put into words that haven’t already been said, about the wonderful Alan Rickman. He represents a lot of different things, for a lot of different “types” of nerds.

For many of us he was the perfect Professor Snape. He played all the different parts of that character very well. He had the darkness, was a bully, and yet still managed to make our hearts melt. The movie had some amazing casting choices, and like many of his co-stars, Alan Rickman WAS Professor Snape. It’s impossible to imagine someone controlling that role as beautifully as he did.


Or maybe he was Marvin, the sarcastic, miserable, robot from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A character that was comic relief, a depressing voice, and some how important, yet entirely unhelpful.

Maybe he was Hans Gruber, the intense bad guy, in one of the best Christmas Movies of all time. Or he was Alexander Dane for you, in a movie that seems to honor and tease geeks to it’s core, Galaxy Quest.

He could have been Colonel Brandon, or the Metatron, or the Caterpillar. No matter what the role(s), for so many of us we instantly associate a beloved movie with him without even thinking. He had a distinct look, and a voice that no one can really forget.

I wish I could say more, but it’s hard to find the words in this case. It feels as though the nerd world has lost something very core to us, something that leaves a void. I am still grateful that I got to experience the joy of being a fan. Alan Rickman was in many films that I loved, and I was always excited to see something he was in.

Thank you Professor Snape, Hans, Marvin… Mr Rickman.

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