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Mini Review: My Bones

My Bones falls under what I like to refer to as the “micro” horror story/game. They are horror “games” focused almost completely on story. The premise is simple, there are a set number of points you must reach, usually items, each one revealing a bit more of the story. There is no saving, the game is meant to be played in one sitting. It’s a good concept but it lives or dies based solely on the story.

My Bones dies because of the story. It suffers from atrocious grammar, and has terrible development. The story is basically a few short shock moments and nothing else. There’s some gore and surprises to get from point a to point b, yet it’s entirely underwhelming. The foundation of the story is solid enough, but it’s just so poorly executed. For such a short game it’s really a struggle to finish it.

The “micro” horror has it’s place. When done right it’s amazing (see The Moon Sliver). The issue is if it’s not done very well it’s just going to be written off as bad. My Bones can be written off as bad. Despite how short it is, I consider it a waste of time. Given how short, and poorly done it is, add on that it costs, and I was down right angry. Skip this game, there are better games like it out there.

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