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Guillermo Del Toro Prepares to Scare Children

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is the largely popular horror series that included three books. They were filled with various short horror stories for children. Many people find the “for children” qualifier for the series to be a bit misleading. They were extremely well written, rather scary, and included unforgettable artwork by Stephen Gammell. CBS Films has begun work to adapt the stories into a film, and it seems some great news has come to the project.


Guillermo Del Toro tweeted out that he would be working on the upcoming movie, though in what capacity is still uncertain. Deadline has reported that it is pretty certain that he will be a producer for the film, but unclear if he will direct. Del Toro is already working on a number of projects, and might not be able to actually take on directing. He does however seem excited about the project, as he tweeted the announcement of his involvement. Not only that but he did confirm that Gammell’s art work would play an important role in shaping the film. Del Toro’s involvement at all is great news, but he would be an ideal director for the movie. There is limited details on the plot, or really anything with the movie, however as more news becomes available we will bring it to you.

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