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Spider-Man Pushed Up

The new Spider-Man reboot was set to release in late July 2017, but has actually be pushed up to July 7th 2017. The reboot will star Tom Holland as the young hero, with Jon Watts as director. Many fans were a bit baffled that the hero was being featured in yet another reboot, after the Amazing Spider-Man movies of 2012 and 2014. However the latest reboot comes about as a direct result of Marvel Studios actually being able to be directly involved in the project. Spider-Man is going to be part of the upcoming Civil War movie, and Marvel wants him integrated in the Marvel Movie Universe. There is still an absence of news about the reboot, though knowing Peter Parker will be a key feature in future Marvel movies has many fans excited.

In Spider-Man’s place on July 28th 2017 we will see the new Jumanji film from Sony. Jumanji is actually suffering a major delay, as it was originally intended to be a holiday film later this year.

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