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Mini Review: Would You Rather

Most people have played “would you rather” at some point in their life, or at the very least understand the concept. You are given a choice between two things (generally negative) and have to choose which you would rather do. Given the title and description of the movie it’s supposed to be based on that concept. The actual movie itself does not live up to the title, or really much of anything.

The idea is simple. A man finds people that are down on their luck. He offers them basically everything they could need to turn their lives around, in return they must play a game for him. When the people arrive they are locked in and it turns out it’s a twisted version of “would you rather”. Really though it’s more “we are holding you hostage and going to torture you and the last one standing wins”. Throughout the entire movie there is only one instance of “what would you rather do”, otherwise it’s just “ok now we are going to hurt you”. It’s rather disappointing because if you are going to make a movie that’s gore porn, the “would you rather” concept would make it stand out. Ultimately there is nothing unique here. A group of people being tormented, a few bind together but fail to escape, and you have your “winner” that must face the reality of what they survived.

It’s boring, been done, and mostly just a grind to get through it. Most of the cast is killed off in one rather quick sweep then the rest is a slow build to nothing. The ending is also rather disappointing. I am sure they thought it was a great twist, but you can see it coming from miles away. It has a moment here and there, but could have been much better if it had built on what the name said. In the end it’s just another forgettable horror movie.

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