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Impressions: Lazer Team

Rooster Teeth has turned heads more than once in it’s lifetime. With their first feature length movie they did it again. Lazer Team broke many crowd funding records, in order to create the movie. The question was, what would Rooster Teeth do with the money, and would it live up to expectations?

Plot Summary:

In the 1970s the military receives notice from an alien race called the Antareans. The aliens warn that conflict is coming, and offer to help the human race in the conflict. The military begins to train a child from birth, in order to make him Earth’s champion. Fast forward to present day and a group of men (mostly played by people from Rooster Teeth) manage to screw it up by taking the suit meant to help protect Earth. What follows is a pretty standard under dog type movie. They must train (and largely fail), and decide to come together in order to save Earth. The plot isn’t anything terribly original in it’s foundation, however there is a lot thrown in that has it’s own unique Rooster Teeth feel to it.


Overall I was rather impressed, even more so than I expected to be. Being a fan of Rooster Teeth for over a decade I went in expecting some laughs, and something solid. However I was given something more than just “this is passable and done by a company I like”. There was a good blend of humor, a lot of it is the humor you would expect from the people involved. Sometimes it was rather crude, sometimes over the top, but also with a fair number of pretty smart jokes.

The visuals were overall very solid. There were a few moments where the special effects could have done with some work. However there are movies with major studios backing them that have a few special effects missteps. It’s very well acted, with everyone fitting their role well. It has a few goofball moments, but they feel like part of the story rather than mistakes.

It manages to have the charm of an indie movie, and brings what makes Rooster Teeth, Rooster Teeth. At the same time it doesn’t feel like anything half assed, or like some low budget films can sometimes be. It’s clear that they did everything they could with what they had, making sure to bring the most to each moment and scene. A loved company like Rooster Teeth could have bumbled through the experience and probably still pleased people, but that doesn’t feel like what happened here.

The plot is a bit predictable, however it’s entertaining, and has good pacing. It also really does have it’s own charm that is hard to describe. Frankly I would rather an entertaining movie, even if it doesn’t fill fully unique, than something that tries too hard and fails.


It’s impossible to put myself in the shoes of someone that isn’t already a Rooster Teeth fan to say if it’s a requirement to like this movie. That being said I believe I can say that some of the jokes might not take, but the movie could have a pretty broad audience. It’s funny, entertaining, and fairly solid. Fans of Rooster Teeth will probably find little to complain about (if anything), and the movie exceeded my expectations. It is not the greatest movie I’ve ever seen but it did make me tear up from laughing so hard, and I greatly enjoyed the experience. I say GREAT job Rooster Teeth.

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