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Five of the Worst Final Missions

There is something about building up to a final mission. The work, the effort, all to have it come to one moment. A moment when you can really shine and be awesome. Of course there are games that just want to take that all away from you. This is a list of the most disappointing “ending” or “final” missions in games.

1: Fable 2


Honestly I don’t know that there will be another let down like this. You go through the whole game, recruit your team, build up, and then the final mission is just… bad. You are locked up while your “final boss” goes on about his grand plans, until you decide to step forward and shoot him and that’s it. One shot. But wait what if you don’t shoot him? A member of your team will and it’s still just a step forward and one shot. I mean imagine how disappointed you would be if you thought facing that guy would be a big deal since it was the end of the game and all.

2: Fallout 3



The premise of the last mission is great. You, a team, and a giant robot have to charge forward to take back the water purifier from the Enclave. Awesome, a real showdown. The problem lies in the fact that everything is so overpowered. Basically you can easily get by the final mission without firing a single bullet. But that’s boring so of course you try to fight, but all the enemies are just torn apart. The mission is just too easy.

3: GTA 5


The mission leading up to the final “boss” was kind of challenging. The actual final mission is so lackluster that as I was playing it I was getting myself amped up for what I thought would be the real final mission. You drive, you find a cutscene, the game ends. Alright well, bummer.

4: Halo 4


You know Fable 2 where you just shoot the guy? Yeah basically the same thing. It’s just such a massive let down. Boring dialogue, epic plans, one button. Bad guy monologues are not common because they are so awesome guys, and they are even worse in games.

5: Borderlands


I actually don’t remember most of my experience with the final mission of this game, that is telling. There is just nothing that really screamed EPIC about your final push. You do pretty much the same thing, only you are so high leveled the challenge is all but gone. Bosses about 10 levels before stand out more to me than this did.

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