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Mini Review- Lucius

Lucius is a great twist on the normal “horror” game. Instead of running away from a killer you play the killer. The game is basically The Omen in video game form. A boy is born on 6/6/66, he doesn’t speak and doesn’t seem normal. Once his sixth birthday roles around everything starts to fall apart. You control Lucius as he gains power and kills people to sacrifice them to the devil. The game is interesting, gory, and pretty fun (though it will bring out the sadistic side we all have).

Overall the game is entertaining with just a few flaws, and only two major ones. The graphics could be better, and the voice acting splits between on point and completely over the top. Both of those things can be dealt with given the age of the game and the fact that it’s an indie. The two bigger flaws though are harder to ignore. Controls need work, they are clunky and often times don’t make sense. Using inventory is just a mess, and switching powers is not really as intuitive as it needs to be. The other big issue is many of the “kills” need more guidance as far as what to do. Now I am not saying all games should hold your hand, but at a point walking in circles because there are no clues and you can’t find what you are looking for gets boring.

In the end though it’s a pretty great little game. Enjoyable and a good spin on “horror”.

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