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Game Franchises That Are Missed

Over the years a lot of great franchises have come and gone in gaming. A few franchises have gotten some new life breathed into them this last year, with new installments coming out. Other franchises seem forever lost to us. So here’s some gaming franchises I miss, and here’s hoping they might just come back.

Before you ask or get disappointed no I won’t be including Half Life or any other Valve franchise that needs a 3rd installment. Valve made it pretty clear how they felt about their fans and the likelihood that there would be a Half Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead, or Team Fortress 3. Yes, all of those games need to happen. No, none of those games are likely to any time soon. I won’t repeat what we’ve all been saying.

Banjo Kazooie


In reality I know this is not going to happen. What was once Rare is now gone. After the buy out by Microsoft the company seemed to switch gears pretty massively. Add to that the fact that only Banjo game we’ve seen that’s less than ten years old was completely separate from the others and the reality remains- Banjo Kazooie is no more. While I am looking forward to the up coming Yooka-Laylee (spiritual successor) I just can’t help but wish that we could get a real sequel to Banjo Kazooie. It was a funny, colorful, interesting, and fun series and it is truly missed.

Crash Bandicoot


The argument could be made that Crash was just another in a long list of platforming adventure games with a weird lead character. However, what made Crash so popular through the years is that it always managed to bring something a little extra, something you couldn’t see in all the games like it. Also I miss the platforming adventure games with a weird lead like Crash. So how about we bring those games back, and we can start with this franchise.



These games were wacky, silly, and down right entertaining. They were a bit tongue and cheek about shooter genre, but still did it very well. They managed to exist in a world that on the one hand was a bit “B movie” but on the other was just a well done game. Frankly I could do with a little less realism in my shooters and something a bit more on the screwball side.



No World of Warcraft does not count. I am not talking a Blizzard made MMO, a MOBA that features Warcraft characters, heck not even Starcraft. I mean we need to see another Warcraft. RTSs are slowly being replaced by City Builders, and Blizzard is being drawn further and further away from it’s roots. While parts of the Warcraft franchise still exist what we need now is for the actual core of the franchise to get a revival.

Jak and Daxter


This franchise is not technically dead, in 2013 the collection was released with a few updates and tweaks. However, having older games re-released isn’t really alive either. Jak 3 is now over ten years old, so that does not bode well for there ever being a continuation. The games were interesting, developed well over time, had a good story (though disappointing ending), and were all around great. It needs to come back.

System Shock


I debated including this considering that the spiritual successor to this series is alive and well (or was at least). However, as much as I love Bioshock I would actually really like to see another System Shock. Bioshock took some of what was great about System Shock and revamped it. However Bioshock didn’t have the cyberpunk setting or the same overall story. I would like to see what could happen with the System Shock franchise now that time has passed.

Let us know what you think?

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