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Mini Review: The Relic

The Relic is a 90s creature feature, back before they became just B movies and had a legitimate spot in the horror genre. The Relic might not be the greatest creature feature, but it’s extremely entertaining. The movie is largely about a mammal/bug hybrid that survives by consuming the hypothalamus of, mostly humans. Again not the most compelling plot, and more than a little questionable. However the pacing is done well, and it is interesting to watch the character work out what’s going on before the climax.

The movie takes place mostly in a museum the night of a large event, in which most of the people get trapped with the creature hunting them. It makes use of the tight spaces and the trouble with escaping to build tension and suspense very well. It’s also well acted including Linda Hunt, James Whitmore, and Penelope Ann Miller (a bit under appreciated in my opinion). The harsh truth is when stacked next to many other horror films The Relic is a bit out classed. That being said it’s very entertaining and a great nostalgia piece.

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