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Deathtrap Impressions

Previously published on, a no longer active site, written by Megan E. Pearson

For tower defense fans, Deathtrap is a new game that combines Tower Defense with Action RPG elements. You play one of three heroes that must work through various stages, building traps in order to protect your portal. It plays like a fairly standard tower defense game in that sense. You can see the path that the waves of enemies will go across to get to your portal, and build up your defenses along that path. There are multiple different types of traps, from ground traps, support towers, normal towers, and even traps that summon various things to help fight. Traps can also be upgraded. All of this is pretty standard fare for tower defense games.


In addition to traps protecting the area you also have a hero character that can attack and fight with the traps to help with defense, this helps to set it apart from some Tower Defense Games (though it’s not the first to use this). Your character levels up, can get new equipment, and really plays like an action RPG character. There are three classes and they each have unique powers and play style. There is no real advantage or disadvantage to the characters so it’s really up to the play style of each person. There is also co-op that allows players to go through each of the levels with friends.

In addition to co-op there is also a versus mode that unlocks when you get a character to level 10. People can also create their own maps for people to download. As with all games the multiplayer aspects are hit or miss. Some of the user created maps can feel mislabeled, or be rather boring. Versus others that can be fun or frustrating depending on who you play with. However hit or miss it might be, it is nice to have these aspects.

The soundtrack is very nice for the game, and voice overs are also solid. The game has a fantasy setting, and while not overly detailed because of the top down view it does look nice. The story is fairly standard, nothing too exciting, but it’s not really the focus of the game. The game is more about the gameplay, either soloing through the map or experiencing it with friends.


Overall Deathtrap is a solid tower defense game. It includes a lot of what is already in other games, but does a good job with these aspects. It’s enjoyable and has re-playability with the different characters and different difficulties for each of the map areas. If you don’t like Tower Defense games this probably won’t convert you, but the inclusion of the character does add some fun and makes it more approachable for new comers to the genre. If you are already a fan of the genre this is a solid game that you can enjoy and add to your library of games.

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