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Fallout 4 DLC Coming Soon

Bethesda promised a fair amount of DLC for their hit Fallout 4 before it even launched. Gamers have been waiting, but that wait won’t be much longer. The company has announced their first three DLC titles for the game.

Automatron, is set to launch in March 2016. It will focus largely on robotics, with the main plot about evil robots in the Commonwealth. In addition to hunting them down your character can also build their own robots to use as companions. The DLC will come with a lot of customization options for the robots, from what type of abilities they will have to the aesthetics, like paints and voices.


Wasteland Workshop will be releasing April 2016. It’s focus will be creature capturing. Your character will be able to capture, tame, and fight with various creatures from around the Commonwealth. It will also include new design options for settlements.

Far Harbor is set for May 2016. Far Harbor seems the most story driven of the the upcoming DLC. You take on a case for Valentine which will take you away from the main section of the Commonwealth. It will include various factions, and focus on the conflict between them. It will include a large map for the area, and come with a large variety of side quests, creatures, and the things we love from Fallout.


Bethesda has also promised that this is just the beginning, they plan to live up to the promise of multiple different DLC titles for the game. The season pass is still on sale for $29.99 US, and as of now will still cover all planned DLC. However the season pass will be getting a price bump come March 1st, so now seems like the time to get it.

In addition to the DLC there is also a free update planned to overhaul survival mode. Survival mode will be more like hardcore mode from New Vegas, adding the need to watch survival stats. They have also hinted at adding diseases to survival mode. Looks like we will have continued Fallout 4 hype.

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