Must Be Rich

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of killers that just seem to be loaded with cash. Their plots, traps, and kill methods are so intricate and over the top that it would take a large amount of money to pull it off. I am not talking the people in Hostel, we know they are loaded. I am talking about the seemingly back water, or not confirmed rich people, that somehow manage to pull off plots that just shouldn’t be able to pull this off. So here are some of what must be some of the richest killers of all time.

The Collector


In this case I am specifically talking about the sequel, The Collection. In the original film the man sets a series of traps that ultimately causes a family to be hunted and killed in their own home. His traps are a bit over the top, but not so much so that he’d have to be super rich to pull them off. However like most sequels The Collection amps everything up. Some how this killer has managed to pull off his little traps for over 50 people (a fact not mentioned in the first film), he has a full hotel that he owns and has turned into a horror trap. Oh, and at the very start of the film he sets a trap that causes over 100 people to die in a club when a fully mechanized ceiling drops. The man has somehow in the course of a few weeks (the time between the two movies) become the Batman of serial killers. He has so many elaborate traps, clearly owns property, and must have a pretty bottomless bank account.

The Brothers in House of Wax (2005)


To break it down, the brothers essentially own an entire town. It’s off the map (pretty much literally), and they use it to lure people, kill them, and turn them into wax sculptures. You can make the argument that they wouldn’t need that much money to pull this off. After all the town already existed before they started this, and the literal House of Wax that is the central point of their killings would have been there. This argument seems fair, but when broken down it’s not. First the town is in great shape, it’s a key part of their plan. People need to be lured into the town to feel safe, and the brothers want the town to look good for their creepy wax museum thing. No one else is there to help with up keep so that means the brothers are some how pulling this off. They also have insane amounts of fuel to keep the generators that light the town going. To top it off the amount of wax that they would need for their kills and to maintain what they have already done would cost a pretty penny. To put it in prospective about a pound of sculpting wax will run you 17 dollars. The brothers need enough wax to maintain an entire two story building, and a lot of bodies. The place would need at the very least maintenance, if not full overhauls due to melting and age. It’s also confirmed that the brothers don’t sell the cars, electronics, or jewelry of the victims so where exactly are they getting this money? The town was so destitute that it completely shut down.



Let’s face it, I am not the first to bring up the fact that Jigsaw would have to have a rather large bank account to pull off his “games”. With each sequel the traps get larger, and larger, requiring more money, effort, and time behind them. The movie does attempt to discuss this plot hole by showing that the man took steps to get his earnings. However when you really break it down he would have to be a millionaire to really pull this off. At multiple points it implies that he would own the properties that he does his killings in. Even bad areas are not that cheap. By the time you get to Saw 6 it’s pretty clear that Jigsaw must have won the lottery at some point.

You’re Next (family not the killers)


This is an iffy choice because it’s not actually the killers themselves that must be rich, but their targets. In the movie two siblings hire a group of killers to take out their family in order to take the inheritance. At least one sibling expects their significant other to survive because they are in on the plan, meaning you have a group of over 5 people working to coordinate murders, and then split the take. You get a little further in to the story and discover the killers for hire are extremely talented at what they do and expect a pretty large chunk of money. In order for this to be reasonable, the family (and thus the two siblings from the family) would have to be worth millions. You are stuck in an Ocean’s 11 type scenario where the amount of money gained for what’s done just doesn’t seem at all realistic or reasonable. At the end of the day the siblings seem like they would walk about with a couple thousand dollars to brutally murder their whole family. The only possible explanation, the family lives way beneath their means and they are all actually worth a couple million each.

Shark Night Group


These killers come in at the most believable of the group. In Shark Night a group of people trap victims and feed them to sharks while filming it in order to sell it online. The plan is elaborate, and the amount of money spent would have to be rather large. The start up seems a bit unreachable for the group, as they are all a bit small town to say the least. However they do confirm that the business brings them in millions, which covers the further expenses needed to keep luring, trapping, and killing victims. I mean I suppose you could say that they probably were a slow growing operation, started with just a shark or two and kept investing their earnings into expanding the “business”. It still seems rather unfeasible that they somehow had enough to start in the first place, but the confirmation that it’s a money making operation makes the plot hole a little less massive.

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