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Mini Review: The Cat Lady

The experience of The Cat Lady is hard to put into words. Beautifully disturbed, might be the best way to phrase it if forced to. You play as Susan who attempts to kill herself. She is offered a trade by an unknown being. Susan will have eternal life and happiness, but in return she has to kill certain people for the being that calls herself The Queen of Maggots. Once you agree and take control of Susan you control her as she goes about her day, while searching for serial killers so that she can kill them herself. The game play is done point and click style, and has a variety of interesting puzzles and challenges.

It’s violent, dark, depressing, horrible, and yet wonderful. The characters that Susan meets are well thought out, the art style is unique and perfect, the gameplay is engaging, and you are stuck wanting to play more, despite feeling pulled down by the themes it presents. It’s such a hard game to play, dealing with many themes that are hard to face. Yet despite that it has a message that can be very positive, and is so compelling. It’s one of the most conflicted experiences a gamer can have, the desire to push it away and not deal with the topics it brings up, yet the want to keep moving forward and see it through. Beautifully disturbed.

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