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New Trademarks to get Hype Over?

As you may or may not have heard some interesting trademarks have popped up in the gaming world. The first two are Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun. In addition to the trademarks, new logos have actually been seen for the titles. Tomorrow Nintendo will be doing a Pokemon Direct so we could be seeing an announcement related to these trademarks/logos. That being said trademarks happen fairly often in the gaming world, and there is not always something to show for it. At this point it is simple speculation until we get a real announcement.

The other big trademark turning heads is Alan Wake’s Return. There is no news at all for what this means for the Alan Wake franchise, other than someone is thinking enough about it to trademark it. In the past developers have said that wouldn’t mind returning to Alan Wake, but have not given any hints other than that. This news could mean a new game, or could mean a remastered version of Alan Wake coming to new consoles.

Either way gamers have this news to talk about, and hopefully we will be getting solid news one way or the other soon.

Let us know what you think?

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