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Mini Review: Octodad Dadliest Catch

Octodad exists in the realm of games that SHOULD in all logic be bad, but somehow seem to work so well. It’s a physics game in which you control an octopus leading a “normal” life as a husband and father. No one knows he’s an octopus, and he’s extremely difficult to control. You have to move his arms and legs independently, and the words “extremely frustrating” don’t even begin to describe the experience. Yet somehow in spite of how hard it is to play the game is extremely fun.


The completely unbelievable plot offers a lot of humor. The fact that the wife somehow fails to notice she is married to (and has two children with) an octopus is pretty comical in and of itself. Add to that the interesting translation of how Octodad talks, a sushi chef hunting the main character, and just the over all zaniness and you have a pretty entertaining story.

The gameplay is frustrating at moments, but manages a weird version of balance. There are enough challenges that you can get through fairly easily, while others will take a lot of patience and retries. The game ends up giving you just enough reward to keep you wanting to progress, but is still very challenging. Each area of the game is also fairly short, and different enough from previous areas in order to keep the gamer interested. At the end of the day you end up frustrated, entertained, and compelled to keep playing. It’s not the best game you’ll ever play, but it’s compelling in it’s own way. There are things to nit pick with the game, but honestly it’s an enjoyable experience.

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