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New DOOM Trailer Goes Live Action

Live Action trailers for games have become something of a trend recently. While Destiny wasn’t the first, their live action trailer generated a lot of hype for the game. Since then a number of games have followed that example, and done their own live action cinematic trailers. DOOM has now joined the ranks with their newest trailer. The trailer looks awesome, and we here and GNU are rather hyped for the game. Also worth mentioning, the DOOM closed beta begins soon. So enjoy the trailer, and enjoy that beta.

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Friday the 13th Teaser Trailer

Gun Media is not slowing down on the hype for Friday the 13th. Since they reached their kickstarter goal (as well as a few stretch goals) they have been consistently updating people on what to expect from the project. Their latest video takes “teaser” to the extreme. While it might one of the least informative videos they’ve released, it is in line with the overall message their media campaign has been about. It reflects the experience of watching a horror movie, while giving players a look at what parts of gameplay should be like. The game is still set to release in October of this year, and we will bring more news as it unfolds.

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Even More Games Added to Backwards Compatible List

It seems we can’t go more than a few days without the list of Backwards Compatible games growing. There have been a few more added, including some much wanted ones. Dead Space, Halo Wars, SoulCalibur II HD Online, The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match, and Left 4 Dead 2 are all backwards compatible now. Dead Space might interest a lot of people, especially as it will be free next month for those that managed to miss it. Left 4 Dead 2 made a lot of people’s wishlists for backwards compatible games, so many are excited to see that one included. We hope everyone is enjoying all their 360 games on their Xbox One.

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Get Ready For Alien Day

Fans online may have made April 26th their own personal Alien Day, but 20th Century Fox is ready to get behind that. They want to encourage a global day celebrating the franchise. April 26th (or 4-26) is the chosen date due to the LV-426 planet from the franchise. So how is 20th Century Fox planning to market Alien Day? First is to feature a trivia contest with people receiving prizes every 42.6 minutes. Prizes range, including figures, movie props and replicas, and other collectibles. Dark Horse comics will be releasing exclusive covers for certain retailers for their Alien series. A new drama will also release on Audible from the franchise. For movie lovers check cinema dates, as there will be special screenings nationwide. Basically 20th Century Fox has covered most of the bases when it comes to celebrating Alien Day.

If you want to register for the twitter contest please be sure to go here.

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Deadpool Breaks Another Record

The numbers are in, and Deadpool is not slowing down. The movie has made $746 million worldwide, giving it the honor of being the top grossing rated R movie of all time (worldwide). This is a pretty amazing record for Deadpool and comic book movies in general. Nation wide the movie is number 3 for rated R movies. However for a comic book movie to break top 5 is pretty incredible. Honestly we want to give our congratulations to all those involved with making this movie happen. On a more personal note, now that the movie has been declared a success I am excited to see what Marvel Studios has in store for us in the future.


Since the time of publishing this article, Deadpool has actually achieved number 2 nationwide for rated R movies. Congrats!

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Favorite Female Characters

In my years of playing games it always brings me great joy when I can play as a strong female, or even have a strong female interact with my character. While there are a number of good characters out there I feel that the following truly stand out. They display strength, and most of them have wonderful personalities to back that strength. I also feel they serve important roles in changing the way women are represented in video games.

Female Shepard: Mass Effect Series


What made Shepard so wonderful was the fact that gamers really did have a lot of control of how the character developed and who Shepard was at the core. Making a male and female version of Shepard was an added bonus. Female Shepard was just as well developed as male Shepard. She had as many romance options, certain interactions dedicated to the female version. Jennifer Hale also did an amazing job voicing female Shepard which really added to the overall character. As far as getting to play a female character this was one that made me feel really empowered.

Lilith: Borderlands 2

I am specifically saying Borderlands 2 because in the first the characters don’t really have personalities. Lilith is part of the group leading the resistance against Handsome Jack and she jumps out a lot more. She cracks jokes, is comforting to her companions, suffers loss, and is even captured. Lilith however doesn’t seem to give up at any point. She remains dedicated to those around her, but also retains that criminal underside that you know they all have. I really enjoyed watching Lilith as a character, but was sad that she didn’t have so much personality when I actually got to control her. Either way she is a badass lady.

Bonnie MacFarlane: Red Dead Redemption

I think a lot of people discount Bonnie because she is not a playable character, and after the first part of the game she is almost completely forgotten about. However, I think this is rather unfair because she truly is an amazing woman. First it’s worth noting that you are introduced to Bonnie when she saves John Marston’s life. Bonnie then serves mostly as a guide to help the gamer through the tutorial. In the process you learn that Bonnie pretty much runs this massive ranch as neither of her brothers were up to the task. She lives in a world that doesn’t respect women, but she forces them to respect her. She steps up to do a job that is unforgiving and does it well. As far as women that you should respect Bonnie deserves a place high up on the list.

The New Lara Croft: Tomb Raider


Personally I had a few issues with the older Lara Croft, she was by no means a bad female character, but I feel a lot of people gave her more credit then was really due. She was a pretty flat character, but the new Lara Croft fixed that. In addition to being strong she is actually very complex. The problem with simply making a “strong” female is that without some depth they really lose a lot when compared to the more interesting male characters out there. The reboot of Lara Croft is the perfect answer to this.

Alyx: Half Life 2

Alyx serves mostly to help the gamer by helping Gordon. She gives him important weapons, saves him, and even fights along side him. Alyx is an extremely useful ally throughout Half Life 2 and it’s various episodes. She also has a wonderful personality, she is kind, smart, and often times hilarious. Alyx is the perfect counter part to the silent Gordon. I have to say her addition was one of the best choices made in the Half Life universe, and I greatly enjoy playing along side her. Next step, I would like to have the chance to actually play as her.

Samus: Metroid


I mulled over whether or not to add Samus to the list. The way it is revealed that she is a girl in the original game is a bit problematic to me. However, why she made it on the list is because of the change she made for gamers. Metroid was a lot of fun and people really enjoyed taking charge of that character and fighting through the epic world. Then bam at the end, this hero that people enjoyed so much was a girl. It was a shocking moment, and it was wonderfully crafted because a lot of players didn’t have a chance to say “Oh I don’t want to play a girl” before they fell in love with the game. The bikini though, but over all Samus has earned her spot.

Hammer: Fable 2

A lot of people would argue that an important female character can’t simply be a strong woman, but needs to develop. I would say this applies to characters regardless of gender. Hammer is a very complex character especially considering how little time she commands in this game. She starts out angry about having to be in her peaceful world, she wants to fight and finds her drive to do so. Hammer then enjoys the violence and believes that she is making the world a better place. However as the game progresses she comes to the realization that all the violence she and the other heroes are committing is only bringing about more violence. This is an amazing development to watch, and what’s even better is the end she finds the strength to go back to being peaceful. Hammer shows not only strength but different types of strength, and this is why I think she should not be over looked.



Elaine Marley: Monkey Island


What I find so impressive about Elaine, and the game that she appears in, is how much they turn the traditional set up of video games on it’s head. While the gamer does control Guybrush, and he is supposed to fill the hero role it is evident he is not the real hero. He is bumbling and while hilarious fairly useless. The game takes it a step further by having Elaine kidnapped, a theme in video games. However, when Guybrush shows up to the save her the implication is that Elaine was going to get herself out of trouble and Guybrush’s heroics cause her more problems than solutions. In most games up until this point, and even after it the captured woman depends on the male character to rescue her. Elaine can take care of herself, and the male hero is not that skillful. It’s amazing that this was written into the game so long ago, because at this point female characters that were better off taking care of themselves was not really a theme yet.

Honorable Mention: Voiceless characters from various action RPGs

Credit has to be given to games like Fallout, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, and games like that that allow you to play a female avatar. The female characters have the same options and development of the male characters. However, they only get an honorable mention because the lack of real “voice” kind of makes it harder to associate with them as awesome ladies. This is far from a complaint though, I encourage all games to let people choose to play a female if they want. I also think in these games the lack of voice works just fine. If designers are going to make free form characters like this please, please allow people to play a woman because simply put there is no reason not to. So thank you to these games for giving us that option.

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Impressions: Day of the Tentacle Remastered

Day of the Tentacle first released in 1993, and was the follow up to Maniac Mansion. It is largely considered the better of the two games, and has remained popular over the years since it’s release. The game has been remastered and re-released. Tim Schafer is no stranger to this process, having already done it with a number of his other adventure hits from when he was with Lucas Arts. However it has been over twenty years, so how has the game aged?



Day of the Tentacle is set five years after the events of Maniac Mansion. While there are a number of characters in both games, and the events of the first are mentioned, it’s not entirely necessary to actually have played both games. Most of what is absolutely needed to know is explained at some point during the game. The game opens with Green and Purple Tentacle come across a river of sludge. Purple drinks it. Doing so gives him the ability to grow arms, and the desire to take over the world. Green warns Bernard about this and he and his two friends return to the mansion to see if they can help. In order to stop Purple they attempt to go one day in the past. However they all end up in different points in time, and mania ensues.


The difficulty with giving impressions for a remastered version of a game is that you have to speak to two different levels. Gamers who never played the original, and gamers that have. Does this game stand on it’s own? And is it a good retelling?

Separating out the two elements would probably be best. Looking at Day of the Tentacle from a new perspective, it’s a relatively solid point and click adventure game. The story is zany, the characters unique, and the gameplay solid. You switch between the three leads as they each explore their own point in time. Gamers are challenged to solve puzzles that stretch across all three characters. For instance in order for Laverne to move freely in the future she has to get help from Hoagie in the past. Hoagie in order to offer his step might need something from Bernard in the present. What you end up with is rather interesting puzzles that take you a bit away from the standard point and click gameplay.

The problem is there is no hint system in this game. It is something I have ranted about before, and I will do so again. Point and click adventure games are not nearly as popular as they used to be. People picking up this game might actually experience their first point and click adventure ever. This creates a problem, because many people won’t understand what steps to take in order to figure out what you are supposed to be doing, and then do it. The lack of guidance will probably frustrate a lot of newer players, if not completely chase them off. However, those that stick around will be pleased at what they find here. The game is entertaining, challenging without being over the top, and compelling from start to finish.


The next question is how does this compare for people that do already know the game? The answer in short is it’s great. Tim Schafer has now been involved in “special editions” for a number of his games, doing it slightly differently each time. Day of the Tentacle keeps all of it’s original charm. The animation style remains totally intact, just with a much needed fresh coat of paint. Backgrounds were updated adding movement, texture, and more detail. Audio is also given some polish, making it smoother. What remains is a game that very much feels like you are playing the 1993 version, without having to be punished by the graphics and audio available at the time.

It’s actually really a great update. The problem with Secret of Monkey Island is the updates changed the game too much, Day of the Tentacle rises to that challenge, keeping it’s classic feel. Even returning gamers might be annoyed by the lack of hint system though. On the one hand it does give the experience more authenticity. On the other, no one would have been hurt by adding it so why not?

The humor is still great, some of the jokes might have suffered a little with age. Overall though the game will still give people some giggles, and it’s safe to say it retains it’s uniqueness well. There are also extras in the game including concept art, and commentary.



The game is fun. Despite my complaints about the hint system I would still highly recommend this. It’s aesthetically pleasing, and massively entertaining. It has nostalgia for people that miss the Lucas Arts games of the past, but enough updates to bring in new gamers as well. If you like adventure games, humor, and stories that stand out as being singular then there’s no reason to pass this game by.

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Games with Gold April 2016

Microsoft has announced their Games with Gold for April 2016. We are still waiting for offical word on PlayStation’s game list, though there are rumors of a few that will be making an appearance. Either way Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners rejoice, some great games are coming your way next month.

Xbox One


The Wolf Among Us April 1st-30th

Sunset Overdrive April 16th-May 15th

Xbox 360


Dead Space April 1st-15th

Saints Row IV April 16th-30th

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Pick Up and Go Gaming

Previously Published on 30plusgamer a no longer active site

Mobile games are getting more complex and interesting as the years go by. Games have gone from just a couple hours worth of game play, to the length of some console games. This gives gamers another rich gaming experience, but can also make it difficult if you don’t have a lot of time to enjoy a mobile game. Pick up and go games are games that allow the gamer to enjoy just 15 minutes of game play (say while waiting for a bus, flight, or meeting) or hours of gameplay when you have more time. They give the player the best of both worlds, a quick time wasting experience or a more rich and developed one. They offer this by either having short levels, mini games, or giving the player the ability to stop, quit, and then pick up no matter where they have left off.

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is a mobile hit that keeps people coming back. It’s a strategy style game that has gamers use plants in order to repel zombie attacks. It’s cute, funny, and a bit quirky. There are also a large number of mini games and puzzle games. It gives gamers a variety of ways to take out zombies and keeps the game from getting stale. The game can be played for a few moments at a time, or you can spend hours protecting your home against the undead waves.

Mario Kart 7


Mario Kart is a pretty recognizable franchise at this point. You race around with various Nintendo characters, in worlds inspired by the games, using power ups. The DS versions also come with multiplayer allowing you to play with friends, and even strangers using wifi. Mario Kart has a lot of replayablility.

Professor Layton

Professor Layton is a puzzle game where Layton and his side kick solve puzzles in order to solve a greater mystery. They look very interesting, have compelling stories, and a variety of puzzles. The game can be a bit difficult, but it gives a feeling of accomplishment for passing a puzzle you were stuck on. With such good story lines you have even more incentive to keep moving forward.

Super Mario 64


Super Mario 64 is a port of Mario 64. It’s includes all of the orginal levels and features as well as some new additions. For instance you can play as Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario, each with their own different skill set to help you with the game. There are also a few bonus puzzles and mini games to keep you entertained. Mario 64 after all these years still holds up as a solid game in the Mario franchise, and ports very nicely to the DS.

Knights of Pen and Paper

Knights of Pen and Paper is a turn based RPG. What sets it apart is that it follows a group of people who are playing a Pen and Paper game (like DnD). So while the characters are roleplaying the gamer is stepping in and taking control of their adventure. It’s a pretty funny and unique take on a standard RPG, it also comes with its fair share of laughs. Fans of pen and paper games will probably greatly enjoy this, but it’s easily accessible to people with little experience with those games as well.


Rebuild is a strategy game set during the zombie apocalypse. You are in charge of helping a town to rebuild. You must keep track of happiness, food, and safety of the town. This means knowing how to handle resources and what to make a priority with the space you have. There are various ways to “win” including finding the cure for the zombie plague or taking full control of the spaces available. It’s very enjoyable with tons of replaybility because each town will never be the same. Upping the difficulty also greatly effects how you have to play the game.


Peggle is a puzzle game from Popcap. You have to shoot a ball at peggles in order to clear the field enough to pass the level. There are various upgrades and different powers that you use in order to help you solve the levels. Outside just the main levels there are also challenge levels giving the player many options and lots of game play.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead follows a new character to the comicbook/tv universe. This game instead of being a normal zombie action game is more of a point and click style adventure, with QTEs thrown in. The focus is the story and developing your relationship with the other survivors in the game. It is well told, and the cell shading is amazing. Fans of the tv series and comic books will be happy to see a few characters and easter eggs from the series thrown in.

Angry Birds and Various Spin Offs


Angry Birds involves flinging angry birds at a bunch of pigs. It’s a physics based puzzle game that requires gamers to figure out the best angle to shoot the birds in order to kill all the pigs. Most people probably know about this game, but it doesn’t mean it’s not a great pick up and go game. It is amusing and the puzzles can get complicated requiring the gamer think, instead of just being a time waster.

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Navid Khonsari’s New Game Coming Soon

Navid Khonsari might be best known for being the cinematic director for both Remedy and Rockstar. He worked on games like Vice City, and Max Payne. However his upcoming game is a major departure from what we’ve seen in the past. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, is a Telltale style game coming from the developer. It follows the story of a photojournalist Reza, during the Iranian Revolution in 1979. The game will attempt to take a brutal and honest look at the times. The team did their research, making sure to interview people, and doing academic research.  It promises to be an emotional game.

This game is not the first time we’ve seen traditionally “nerdy” media tackle the subject. The graphic novels Persepolis also included many chapters from the Iranian Revolution. The game will be launching on April 5th NA.

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Daydreamer: Awakened Edition Coming Soon

Roland Studios have announced the “Awakened Edition” of their game Daydreamer. Daydreamer is a side scrolling shoot em up game. Daydreamer: Awakened Edition will not just be a port of the PC version of the game, but an actual updated version. The developers hope to actually update gameplay and fine tune aspects of the game. Daydreamer is set in a distant future, with gamers taking over the role of a character that has been in stasis.  As you explore the aliens will be constantly seeking to find you and put you back under. The game will be out on PS4 May 31st NA, and Xbox One users can get it on June 3rd NA.

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Impressions: D4- Dark Dreams Don’t Die

D4 is an “adventure” game from Access Games. I put “”s around adventure because it’s a bit of a unique experience. The game is series of episodes that rely on finding clues, solving puzzles, and a series of QTEs. It’s a bit hard to compare it to one game, or genre of game.



D4 follows David Young, who is a private investigator. He is very talented at his job, due to his ability to travel through time. Being able to do so allows him to influence and solve crimes. However he got this ability on the night that his wife was murdered, and David himself can remember nothing from that night. David is asked to help solve a case for a liaison from the police department. In doing so the new case starts to connect with his wife’s murder, driving David. It is worth noting story wise that D4 was never meant to be a stand alone game, so the story is not complete by the time you finish it.



D4 was designed for the kinect, which kind of turned me off of the experience. However the game is easily played without the kinect, and the controls work well. They aren’t as tight as they could be, but you won’t be punished for choosing to just sit down and play. That is a major thing in favor of this game. Most of the gameplay involves you using David to find clues, or complete QTEs. Clue finding works the way any other game like this would. You look around the area, collect various things, and you have a special vision to help if for whatever reason you can’t solve things yourselves. QTEs will come up when fights happen, or David has to get through a tight spot.

While looking for clues to solve cases, you meet various other characters. Most of them have side quests for you, some will want you to solve puzzles, others answer questions. The most unique aspect of gameplay is David’s ability to dive in and out of time. Some cases actually require it. You will be asked to search for something and have to dive to another time period, then go back. It’s a pretty interesting idea, that is sadly not used enough in game.


Gameplay aside, what really stands out with this game is just how zany it is. D4 comes with a strange cast of characters, over the top story telling, and many moments that will just leave you speechless. The characters range from a cat woman (like a woman that literally behaves and seems to be a cat), to a riddle telling strange man that follows you around, and a drug taking rage heavy flight attendant. Everyone you meet is just as in your face and over the top as the last. The art is done in cell shading, which works perfectly for the game. The overall graphic look punches up the crazy moments that never seem to leave you alone.

It’s actually really hard to find the words to describe this game. It’s crazy, yet charming. Ridiculous, yet compelling. If nothing else, from start to finish it manages to be entertaining and rather unexpected.


The largest complaint I have about this game, is that the sequel is likely to never happen. The game ends on a massive cliffhanger, and frankly I want more. It’s short enough that all the craziness never gets to be too much. You can play it easily in one or two sittings, then decompress from it. It’s a solid adventure game, that is unique and interesting. I just wish I could know how it was all meant to end.

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Pros and Cons of Episodic Games

Episodic games are becoming more and more popular. Telltale was not the first to do it, but they certainly made them very popular with their games like The Walking Dead, etc. Series that you might never have imagined being broken down into episodes have been (Hitman). Not only that but we will be seeing a lot more variety of games in the future broken into episodes. A lot of people are reacting very differently to this. Some love it, some are down right sick of seeing it. Here are the pros and cons as I see them.


The games can feel smaller:

By their nature episodic games are shorter, and more to the point. They cut out things like side quests and wandering in order to focus in on the “point” of the game. Episodic games can often have rich character development, but it’s lacking in a lot of other areas. It’s a very point a to point b sort of experience.

There is often a notably worse episode:

It seems like in most episodic games you can pick out one episode that is notably worse than the others. It might not be horrible, but it certainly stands out as a low point. You could make the argument that most games have a level like that, however you have more to look forward to at the end. When you get to a level you dislike in a game you just play another level afterwards. If you get to an episode you don’t like you finish it, and that’s that. It can even throw off how you feel about the rest of the game.

The game might not finish, or dates might be all over the place:


In fairness I can only think of one notable example. D4 as of now has two episodes. It was supposed to have at least four, but as far as anyone can tell no new episodes will ever be made. Now while this is rare, it is a problem more likely to happen with this format than releasing a full game. In addition to that Telltale had problems with releasing episodes far too inconsistently for awhile. The waiting game can really kill hype.


It gives you a good stopping point:

Let’s face it, not all of us can do a ton of 30+ hour games. Sometimes we only have a few hours to play a week. Episodic games fit into that gaming style better. You can start, and get to good stopping point in relatively little time. It fits well into a lot of different schedules, giving the player enough time to play and progress forward, without feeling too bogged down by how much time they will have to spend on it.

For a time it gives you something to look forward to:

There is something to be said for the hype of knowing you have more good things coming your way. If there is an episodic game that you are really enjoying, you get to space that experience out and enjoy it for longer. This of course only works if there is some kind of consistent schedule.

They are typically cheaper, but still feel like a full game:


Episodic games tend to hover around the 30 dollar price range. Despite being cheaper, they still feel like full games. In fact they are some times longer than full retail games. While they can feel smaller than other games, they can still have value. In addition to being cheaper overall, it also gives the gamer freedom to choose how they pay.

Honestly, I don’t mind the episodic thing so much. I would not be pleased if it took over the gaming world, but a few episodic games here or there is nice. As they become more popular it seems like a lot of the rough edges are being ironed out as well. As more games consider the shift though, I am a bit hesitant to see the future of this trend.

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More Backwards Compatible Games for Xbox One

It’s only been a few short days since we announced three games being added to the backwards compatible list. Now there are three more 360 titles that gamers will be able to play on their Xbox One. Assassin’s Creed, Dark Void, and GRID 2. Seems Microsoft isn’t kidding around with adding as many games as possible to their list. Gamers rejoice as your Xbox One Backwards Compatible library grows.

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DOOM Multiplayer Details

Bethesda and id Software have revealed more details about DOOM’s multiplayer. The game will have six modes at launch, including the standard team deathmatch and domination. In addition there will also be Freeze Tag, Warpath, and Soul Harvest. Soul Harvest works similar to kill confirmed type games. You will need to collect the souls of downed enemies in order for your team to collect points, and attempt to stop the other team from collecting the souls of your teammates. Warpath plays like King of the Hill. There will be a location that the teams must battle for control over. The point will move around the map at intervals. The most unique seems to be Freeze Tag. Instead of dying you will get “frozen”. Allies can revive frozen players to bring them back. Also enemies can move frozen players by shooting them, to force them into dangerous spots on the map. To win, one team must freeze all the players on the other team. Lastly there will be Clan Arena. Clan Arena is a one life game, in which there are no pick ups, health regeneration, and no respawn. A team wins by eliminating the other team.

While many are just looking forward to playing DOOM single player again, the multiplayer does seem like it will bring a lot to the table. Freeze Tag seems like a fairly unique mode, and we are excited to check it out. While the other modes are similar to what we can find in other games, we are certain it will bring it’s own DOOM flare to the mix.

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Mini Review: Blackwell Epiphany

Blackwell Epiphany is the 5th game in the Blackwell series. In the series Rosa ends up working with a ghost in order to help spirits pass over to the other side. She also uses this ability to communicate with ghosts in order to help the police solve crimes. Joey is her spirit, a ghost that has been with the family for awhile.

The gameplay is point and click style. The gamer switches between controlling Rosa and Joey in order to progress forward, solve crimes, and help the spirits you meet. Epiphany combines a more retro style art direction and audio in order to compliment the gameplay. It gives the feel of a 90s point and click game, with more of the polish of modern games.

Overall the experience is rather nice. The story is solid, gameplay is fun, however the voice acting and ending leaves something to be desired. It’s not the worst ending, but it feels a little disappointing and rushed, especially for a series. Rosa can also come across as rather flat. However in spite of this it’s an enjoyable experience, especially for fans of point and click games. I would recommend playing the rest of the series first though.

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Details for Hyrule Warriors Season Pass

Trying to decide whether or not to get the Season Pass for Hyrule Warriors? A detailed list of what will be included in each version has come out. There are three different season passes, the 3DS one, Wii U, and a 3rd that grants access to content from both.


Master Wind Waker Pack – Late Spring

  • 16 new My Fairy costume pieces
  • The “Master” Wind Waker map for Adventure Mode with one new adventure battle scenario

Link’s Awakening – Summer

  • 16 new My Fairy costume pieces
  • A new map for Adventure Mode with two new challenge battle scenarios
  • A new playable character
  • A new weapon for Linkle

Phantom Hourglass & Sprit Tracks – Autumn

  • 15 new My Fairy costume pieces
  • A new map for Adventure Mode with one new adventure battle and two new challenge battle scenarios
  • A new playable character
  • A new weapon for Toon Link

A Link Between Worlds – Winter

  • 15 new My Fairy Costumes
  • A new map for Adventure Mode with one new adventure battle and two new challenge battle scenarios
  • Two new playable characters


Link’s Awakening Pack – Summer

  • A new playable character
  • A new weapon for Linkle

Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Pack – Autumn

  • A new playable character
  • A new weapon for Toon Link
  • A Link Between Worlds Pack – Winter
  • Two new playable characters

Notably missing from the Season Pass is the Legends Character Pack. That pack includes Linkle, Toon Link, and other characters. However if you purchase the 3DS version of the game it will come with the Legends Character Pack for Wii U.