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DARQ Coming Later This Year

DARQ is a psychological horror game that has been approved through Steam’s Greenlight process. The game follows the story of Lloyd, a boy in a dream realm that realizes it’s a dream. His knowledge though comes about as the dream scape turns into a nightmare. Gameplay seems like it will be made up mostly of stealth, with an emphasis on planning out your moves. There is also an implied physics based system. What really seems to set DARQ apart is it’s amazing art style and use of sound. The game will consist of both 2D and 3D elements to make up the world. The actual art style is appealing, while fitting perfectly in the horror genre.


Lighting and sound will also play a huge roll. The game promises to have moments of complete darkness forcing gamers to use sound as their means to progress. This is a really interesting feature, that could add a lot of tension. It could also help separate the game from others in the genre entirely, with this more unique feature. Heavy detail will also be spent on the shadows and light of the game, using both to create various challenges and puzzles in the game.

DARQ also promises to really focus on the psychological aspects of horror, promising on their site that cheap shots like jump scares are not what the game is about. Pretty much everything about this game seems like it should combine in a unique, terrifying, compelling, and entertaining way. The game is set to release later this year on PC. We are excited to bring you more news as it comes out.


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