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Pokemon Goes Fashion

This is a bit of a unique story for us to comment on, but it seems that Pokemon has a new fashion ambassador. Drew Barrymore has taken on the role, with plans to help Pokemon come into the fashion world. Barrymore was excited to accept, claiming to love happy things, and that Pokemon is happy. The company seems ready to use this approach to help them with more marketing, and merchandising.

The news seems slightly odd at first, but makes sense the more you reflect on it. Geeks and Nerds have been sporting their favorite franchises on clothes for awhile now, and the idea of a simple screen tee is not really cutting it anymore. As more and more of us use fashion to express our inner geek/nerd the art and style of these things has been moving forward. Pokemon shows no signs of slowing down. It has a huge market with a variety of ages making up the fandom, so it makes sense to tap into the more “fashion” side of things. Still a fashion ambassador? Either way we are really curious to see what Drew Barrymore and the marketing teams come up with, and what kind of geek chic Pokemon gear we will be seeing in the future. Best of luck!

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