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Impressions: Deadpool

We all know the story of Deadpool and movies. The character was completely destroyed in X:Men Origins, and there was a lot of hatred for that by fans. For years fans have wanted Deadpool done right, but a lot of fear that it ever could be the case. The movie has been out, and here is my take on whether or not it stands up.



Wade Wilson is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and in an act of desperation gives himself over to an organization that promises to cure him. Their plan to do so, is to put him under extreme physical stress hoping to trigger any mutation that he might have. In the process he is horribly disfigured, and goes on a mission to kill the man who did this to him.


The movie takes some liberties with the Deadpool canon, though most comic book movies have done so. It doesn’t stray far enough away to really be a deal breaker. What remains is more of the heart of what has made Deadpool so popular over the years. You have the humor of course, the struggle with what is happening to Wade and his body, and Wade’s own brand of “not being a hero” while still being pretty heroic.


The human is spot on in the movie. It manages to be crass, crude, and down right disgusting at times. Yet despite all of this it never really “goes too far”. At no point did I really feel like the movie took pride in putting certain groups or people down, rather it stuck to a broader base. Probably the only group that takes many punches is teenagers.


Everyone expected the movie to be funny though, it really had to be. But what could have made or break Deadpool was everything else that helped to make it. Despite what some people on the internet believe, Deadpool is not just humor. Wade struggles greatly with his fate, has extreme highs and lows, and has a lot of heart. The genius of the comics is that it manages to balance these things, the genius of the movie is the same.

There are truly heart wrenching moments, and more than a few times when you can see Wade really being broken by what’s happened to him. His relationship with those around him maintains humor and and insulting nature, though he does actually care. The movie throws in subtle moments to bring it home while enjoying the over the top humor. It’s a lot more complex than it first appears, but not so much so that it feels completely departed from it’s roots.


It’s an entertaining movie, and one worthy of Deadpool. It managed to show that the “hero” can in fact be done correctly in movie format. It kept me interested from start to finish, and gave me hope to see Deadpool in further Marvel movies. It’s not perfect, but easily one of my top comic book movies.

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