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Mini Review: House of Wax

I am not the biggest fan of recent horror movie remakes, and movies like House of Wax are exactly why. House of Wax is gratuitous to the nth degree, in fact if there weren’t some choice moments with gore I would almost think the movie was attempting to be a horror satire. It suffers from a bit of an identity crisis. On the one hand you just have plain over the top gore porn. On the other you have scenes that are suffering from such an identity crisis that they feel over the top with the “symbolism”. It wants to be both the over the top slasher, and the slow suspenseful horror.

I actually enjoyed a few of the slower paced, more suspenseful moments, but then they would end abruptly with gratuitous ones. Overall it’s really hard to find much positive to say. The movie seems to suffer from a loss of identity, and just kind of falls flat on it’s face.

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