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DOOM Multiplayer Details

Bethesda and id Software have revealed more details about DOOM’s multiplayer. The game will have six modes at launch, including the standard team deathmatch and domination. In addition there will also be Freeze Tag, Warpath, and Soul Harvest. Soul Harvest works similar to kill confirmed type games. You will need to collect the souls of downed enemies in order for your team to collect points, and attempt to stop the other team from collecting the souls of your teammates. Warpath plays like King of the Hill. There will be a location that the teams must battle for control over. The point will move around the map at intervals. The most unique seems to be Freeze Tag. Instead of dying you will get “frozen”. Allies can revive frozen players to bring them back. Also enemies can move frozen players by shooting them, to force them into dangerous spots on the map. To win, one team must freeze all the players on the other team. Lastly there will be Clan Arena. Clan Arena is a one life game, in which there are no pick ups, health regeneration, and no respawn. A team wins by eliminating the other team.

While many are just looking forward to playing DOOM single player again, the multiplayer does seem like it will bring a lot to the table. Freeze Tag seems like a fairly unique mode, and we are excited to check it out. While the other modes are similar to what we can find in other games, we are certain it will bring it’s own DOOM flare to the mix.

Let us know what you think?

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