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Mini Review: Blackwell Epiphany

Blackwell Epiphany is the 5th game in the Blackwell series. In the series Rosa ends up working with a ghost in order to help spirits pass over to the other side. She also uses this ability to communicate with ghosts in order to help the police solve crimes. Joey is her spirit, a ghost that has been with the family for awhile.

The gameplay is point and click style. The gamer switches between controlling Rosa and Joey in order to progress forward, solve crimes, and help the spirits you meet. Epiphany combines a more retro style art direction and audio in order to compliment the gameplay. It gives the feel of a 90s point and click game, with more of the polish of modern games.

Overall the experience is rather nice. The story is solid, gameplay is fun, however the voice acting and ending leaves something to be desired. It’s not the worst ending, but it feels a little disappointing and rushed, especially for a series. Rosa can also come across as rather flat. However in spite of this it’s an enjoyable experience, especially for fans of point and click games. I would recommend playing the rest of the series first though.

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