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Mobile games are getting more complex and interesting as the years go by. Games have gone from just a couple hours worth of game play, to the length of some console games. This gives gamers another rich gaming experience, but can also make it difficult if you don’t have a lot of time to enjoy a mobile game. Pick up and go games are games that allow the gamer to enjoy just 15 minutes of game play (say while waiting for a bus, flight, or meeting) or hours of gameplay when you have more time. They give the player the best of both worlds, a quick time wasting experience or a more rich and developed one. They offer this by either having short levels, mini games, or giving the player the ability to stop, quit, and then pick up no matter where they have left off.

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is a mobile hit that keeps people coming back. It’s a strategy style game that has gamers use plants in order to repel zombie attacks. It’s cute, funny, and a bit quirky. There are also a large number of mini games and puzzle games. It gives gamers a variety of ways to take out zombies and keeps the game from getting stale. The game can be played for a few moments at a time, or you can spend hours protecting your home against the undead waves.

Mario Kart 7


Mario Kart is a pretty recognizable franchise at this point. You race around with various Nintendo characters, in worlds inspired by the games, using power ups. The DS versions also come with multiplayer allowing you to play with friends, and even strangers using wifi. Mario Kart has a lot of replayablility.

Professor Layton

Professor Layton is a puzzle game where Layton and his side kick solve puzzles in order to solve a greater mystery. They look very interesting, have compelling stories, and a variety of puzzles. The game can be a bit difficult, but it gives a feeling of accomplishment for passing a puzzle you were stuck on. With such good story lines you have even more incentive to keep moving forward.

Super Mario 64


Super Mario 64 is a port of Mario 64. It’s includes all of the orginal levels and features as well as some new additions. For instance you can play as Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario, each with their own different skill set to help you with the game. There are also a few bonus puzzles and mini games to keep you entertained. Mario 64 after all these years still holds up as a solid game in the Mario franchise, and ports very nicely to the DS.

Knights of Pen and Paper

Knights of Pen and Paper is a turn based RPG. What sets it apart is that it follows a group of people who are playing a Pen and Paper game (like DnD). So while the characters are roleplaying the gamer is stepping in and taking control of their adventure. It’s a pretty funny and unique take on a standard RPG, it also comes with its fair share of laughs. Fans of pen and paper games will probably greatly enjoy this, but it’s easily accessible to people with little experience with those games as well.


Rebuild is a strategy game set during the zombie apocalypse. You are in charge of helping a town to rebuild. You must keep track of happiness, food, and safety of the town. This means knowing how to handle resources and what to make a priority with the space you have. There are various ways to “win” including finding the cure for the zombie plague or taking full control of the spaces available. It’s very enjoyable with tons of replaybility because each town will never be the same. Upping the difficulty also greatly effects how you have to play the game.


Peggle is a puzzle game from Popcap. You have to shoot a ball at peggles in order to clear the field enough to pass the level. There are various upgrades and different powers that you use in order to help you solve the levels. Outside just the main levels there are also challenge levels giving the player many options and lots of game play.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead follows a new character to the comicbook/tv universe. This game instead of being a normal zombie action game is more of a point and click style adventure, with QTEs thrown in. The focus is the story and developing your relationship with the other survivors in the game. It is well told, and the cell shading is amazing. Fans of the tv series and comic books will be happy to see a few characters and easter eggs from the series thrown in.

Angry Birds and Various Spin Offs


Angry Birds involves flinging angry birds at a bunch of pigs. It’s a physics based puzzle game that requires gamers to figure out the best angle to shoot the birds in order to kill all the pigs. Most people probably know about this game, but it doesn’t mean it’s not a great pick up and go game. It is amusing and the puzzles can get complicated requiring the gamer think, instead of just being a time waster.

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