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Get Ready For Alien Day

Fans online may have made April 26th their own personal Alien Day, but 20th Century Fox is ready to get behind that. They want to encourage a global day celebrating the franchise. April 26th (or 4-26) is the chosen date due to the LV-426 planet from the franchise. So how is 20th Century Fox planning to market Alien Day? First is to feature a trivia contest with people receiving prizes every 42.6 minutes. Prizes range, including figures, movie props and replicas, and other collectibles. Dark Horse comics will be releasing exclusive covers for certain retailers for their Alien series. A new drama will also release on Audible from the franchise. For movie lovers check cinema dates, as there will be special screenings nationwide. Basically 20th Century Fox has covered most of the bases when it comes to celebrating Alien Day.

If you want to register for the twitter contest please be sure to go here.

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