Best Horror Movie Taglines

Horror movie taglines are a bit of an art form in their own right. Just a quick line in order to intrigue the viewer into watching. It helps to build expectations, and are usually horrific themselves. Now not all movies live up to their tag lines, but here are a few of the best ones.

The Last House on the Left: “To Avoid fainting, keep repeating ‘It’s only a movie… It’s only a movie…’”

This tagline sets some pretty high expectations. Whether or not the movie lives up to it is debatable. However as a selling point, the idea that you would have to remind yourself it’s just a movie is very effective.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: “Who will survive and what will be left of them?”


While the tagline does imply that at least one person will survive the movie, it promises that they won’t really be whole. Whether it’s physically or mentally, whoever comes out on the other side of this movie will never be complete. It’s rather blunt and shocking.

The Thing: “Man is the warmest place to hide”

I actually think this tagline loses a bit of it’s luster once you’ve seen the movie. However as a selling point it’s solid. The implication of man being the warmest place to hide lets you know that man will be reduced to a hiding place in this movie.

Dawn of the Dead: “When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth.”


This tagline earns it’s place because it’s become synonymous with the zombie genre overall. Whether or not people know the source of this quote, most people have heard it at one point or another. When you hear it you instantly think zombies. It’s fitting that the movie series that invented modern zombies, as we know them, would have a tagline that has become ingrained in us as well.

Alien: “In space, no one can hear you scream.”


One of the single most brilliant things about the original Alien is the isolation. It is a group of people, trapped, being hunted, with nowhere to go and hardly anything to do. The tagline speaks to that isolation. It doesn’t matter how much they “scream” they are alone.

Pet Sematary: “Sometimes dead is better”

The quote from the movie effectively sums up the experience. Without context you are left wondering about what option other than dead there is. Once you’ve seen it, you know indeed that sometimes dead is in fact better.


Halloween: “The night HE came home”


Who is HE? Why should we be worried about him coming home? What does HE plan to do? It grabs you and makes you curious. Once you’ve seen the movie it makes perfect sense with what you’ve just experienced.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: “If Nancy doesn’t wake up screaming, she won’t wake up at all…”

However you actually feel about the “fear factor” of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, they do tap into a primal thing. The idea that nightmares can kill you is pretty horrific. The tagline speaks to the fact that the movie is about sleep and fear being the thing that will get you.

Ravenous: “You are who you eat”


Extremely effective way to let people know “hey you are going to see a movie about cannibalism”.


Hellraiser: “He’ll tear your soul apart”

There is something extremely effective about the use of “soul” in this tagline. It fits with the movie, and it gets at the fear of it. The idea of the soul being destroyed is an extra level of fear.


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Lara Croft Cast in New Tomb Raider Movie

While there were a number of rumors over who would be cast as Lara Croft in the new Tomb Raider movies, the casting choice has been announced. Alicia Vikander, will be taking the starring role. Vikander is a Swedish actress probably best known for her roles in Ex Machina and The Danish Girl. The new Tomb Raider movie is in line with the 2013 reboot of the games, following Lara on her first mission before she became an expert at raiding tombs. Reactions to this news have thus far been mixed, mostly due to all the rumors of who was up for the role. However we think it’s a little early to tell at this stage, but are excited to see how the movie unfolds. Other than Vikander’s casting, the only other major information on the movie is that Roar Uthaug will be directing. We will bring you more news about the new Tomb Raider as it becomes available.

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Angry Birds Action! Trailer

The Angry Birds movie will be releasing on May 20th, and a new tie in Angry Birds game has been released. The new game Angry Birds Action! can be downloaded as of now. It has different gameplay from the original Angry Birds, but still contains the zany fun that made the series so popular. It will also include characters from the movie, and unlocks that can be found in the real world. So Angry Birds fans, get downloading and get playing!

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Mass Effect Attraction Opening Soon

It has been announced that a special Mass Effect attraction will be opening next month. The ride will be at California’s Great America in Santa Clara. The “ride” is more a theater attraction meets ride. It will be in 80 seat theater and in 3D. In addition to that the chairs will of course move, but it will also feature wind, water, and things that interact with both the legs and neck of the audience. The designers worked directly with Bioware to make sure the attraction truly felt like it was part of the Mass Effect series. It will not follow Shepard, but rather it’s own stand alone story. In addition to making sure it truly felt like Mass Effect, the designers were also adamant about making sure the ride could be enjoyed by the largest number of people. They acknowledged the problems with motion sickness that can arise from this type of attraction, and worked hard to smooth out the rough edges. So gamers get ready to experience Mass Effect in a whole new way when the ride opens next month.

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Stephen Merchant Joins Wolverine 3 Cast

While the details of his role have been unconfirmed as of yet, what is confirmed is that Stephan Merchant will in fact be in Wolverine 3. Merchant was the co creator of the popular series The Office, as well as other shows. However many fans most love him for his marvelous job as the voice of Wheatley in Portal 2.  Stephan Merchant is the most recent cast announcement, after Richard E. Grant who was announced just days ago. The movie will be opening in March of next year so it’s not surprising that many details about the movie are still being kept under wraps. We will bring you more news about Wolverine 3 as the details unfold.

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PlayStation Plus May 2016

The line up for the May PlayStation Plus games has been announced. PlayStation Plus members can get the following games for free in the month of May.

PS 4


Switch Galaxy Ultra

Table Top Racing: World Tour

PS 3


Bionic Commando Rearmed 2

LocoRoco Cocoreccho!

PS Vita


God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Switch Galaxy Ultra


We are unsure when this changed but Tropico 5 is also free this month for PS4 owners

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Netflix, BBC, and Boyega Teaming Up for Watership Down

For those that don’t know Watership Down is a classic novel that follows the story of anthropomorphised rabbits and their adventures to establish their new home in the world. While a children’s book it features a lot of darker themes, including the cruelty of man, and a number of violent scenes. They might be bunnies, but they are bunnies as people have never seen them before. The book was first adapted in the 1970s into a movie. The movie received mixed reactions because of the level of violence it featured, despite being “a kid’s movie”. However Netflix and BBC are teaming up for a four part animated series for the book. While representative have said that the dark themes of the book will have their place in series, they will work to not make the new series as violent as some past adaptations have been. In addition to these announcements, it’s also been confirmed that John Boyega will be voicing Bigwig the rabbit. Boyega is of course most known for his role as Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The series is set to premier on BBC One and Netflix sometime next year. We are actually really excited to hear about this new adaptation, and will bring you more news in the future.

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Achievements for Total Jerks

Not long ago we did a list of shameful achievements, ones you really wouldn’t want on your list. This time we are looking at some of the achievements that might also make you feel shame, but for a totally different reason. Here are achievements that required you to do just awful things to unlock them.

Red Dead Redemption: Manifest Destiny


A lot of people say the Dastardly achievement is one of the worst in this game, but that one is at least amusing. No this achievement requires you to kill every single buffalo, for a grand total of 5g. What’s a little bit of extinction when there is gamerscore to be had?

Fallout New Vegas: Veni, Vidi, Vici

There are multiple endings to Fallout New Vegas, and this is awarded for getting the Caesar’s Legion ending. Help the Legion to rise to power over the Mojave Wastes for 15g. Of course that means putting a faction in charge that enslaves women, children, and brutally murders anyone that doesn’t conform to their ways.

Fable II: The Egomaniac


Spoiler Alert: At the end of Fable II you are given 3 options. You can do the noble thing and bring back all the people that died in the creation of The Spire. You can be slightly evil and bring back your dog (and family, but really it’s about the dog), and sacrifice all the people. OR for 25g you can sacrifice all the people that died to The Spire, your dog, and your family for a small amount of gold.

Deus Ex Human Revolution: Sentimental Value

When solving the case of what happened to Megan for her mother, you come across a bracelet. A bracelet that would mean a lot to a grieving mother. Choose to keep it for 10g, who cares about her mourning.

Fallout 3: Strictly Business


To get this achievement simply do the quest, Strictly Business. It requires you to find and enslave a few people around the wastes for the slavers at Paradise Falls. The achievement gives you 20g, and the game allows you to then just enslave anyone you want. How lovely.

Overlord II: Seal Slayer

Kill 100 baby seals, and get 20g. There’s really nothing else to say.

Fallout 3: Scourge of Humanity

Reach level 20 with Bad Karma and receive 30g. In order to obtain that you will likely have to side with the slavers, blow up Megaton, kill random innocent people, and just be an evil person. At least it’s fun?

Mass Effect: Renegade


Like the above achievement you get this for reaching a certain level of “evil”. Get 75% Renegade points and 15g. It will likely only cost you sacrificing an entire race, turning your back on the council, and being a general jerk along the way.

Go out, embrace the evil side of you, and earn some gamerscore. Happy Hunting!

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Disney Pushing Live Action Films

After the success of The Jungle Book it’s not surprising to hear that Disney is really pushing their live action films. Beauty and the Beast was already planned, but it seems a lot more movies have been added to the upcoming list. Disney has announced/confirmed a number of announcements along those lines. One such announcement is that Tim Burton will be directing a live action Dumbo movie. Emma Stone has been confirmed as taking on the role of Cruella de Ville in the live action Cruella. A sequel to Mary Poppins has been announced, as well as follow ups to both The Jungle Book and Maleficent. All of this on top of rumors of even more Disney classics being remade into live action movies, as well as a few new original titles. Disney is being rather reserved about specific details, but it does seem that pushing live action will be a major direction for the next few years at least. We’re excited to see what they are able to do with many of these titles, though we do have some hesitation about how some of our childhood favorites might turn out as live action films. As more news about all these projects unfold we will keep you updated.

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Physical Copies of Final Fantasy Classics Coming Soon

Amazon will be releasing two box sets of Final Fantasy classics next month. On May 27th EU you will be able to buy physical copies of Final Fantasy 3 and 4 and another box set of Final Fantasy 7 and 8. The sets will cost £20. The games will be optimized for Windows and come with a game manual. However these sets aren’t exactly the same as a standard physical game, the full game is not on the discs rather just part of the information the rest of which gamers will have to download once they use the discs. There is no confirmation that the rest of the Final Fantasy series might have a similar bundle, however people are hopeful as Square Enix has been pushing to release more of their classic games.

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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: A Wishlist

After hearing enough complaints EA released an update nerfing the overpowered Rose character. It’s proof that EA seems like they are in for the long haul with the game. They are open to making changes down the road to keep the community more balanced and happy. With that knowledge I decided to sit down and think about my “PvZ” wishlist, for future updates. In this list I am not including things like game types or maps. While they are on my wishlist they are already all but promised to us with future updates.

Chomper Swallow Ability

I’ve actually been complaining about this since the first Garden Warfare. The Swallow Ability is way too overpowered. It’s cool down is not nearly long enough considering it’s insta death on ANY character. It makes sense though, the Chomper being entirely unable to attack for any longer would just create a problem on the other side of things. My wish is that they would make it so that Chompers are unable to swallow any player with full health. It’s really the best of both worlds. Players would still be able to use the ability and gain the ability to defend themselves in the same amount of time, however it would prevent insta death from happening to someone that just dropped in at full health.

How likely am I to get this? Not at all. In just a few weeks EA acknowledged a problem with a character and released something to fix it. The Chomper has been overpowered for two full games now, and EA hasn’t even acknowledged it.

Kernal Corn Damage

Kernal Corn should be one of the best, instead it’s rather average. He simply doesn’t do enough damage with basic attacks. While Kernal Corn comes with a large amount of ammo, it isn’t enough. A good example would be the fact that with 35 bullets you can face off another player, using every single one of them and still not score a kill. It would be easy to make the character far too damaging, but at this point it’s way too weak. The other abilities for the character are amazing, that just isn’t enough.

How likely am I to get this? I am not sure. On the one hand I haven’t seen a lot of buzz for this change. On the other the game is still fresh yet. Kernal Corn is rarely used and I think a lot of it has to do with how weak his base attack is. EA does have a vested interest in keeping players interested in their new classes, as such enough requests for it could yield positive results.

Scientist Standard Grenade

Scientists come with a sticky grenade of sorts. It can be helpful in a pinch, however it’s very easy to avoid if it’s tossed at you. In fact a lot of the grenades just simply don’t go off once they land on the field. My solution? The ability to change to just a standard grenade.

How likely am I to get this? Once again not very. It’s a character from the first game, so if they were going to make changes it likely would have already happened.

Custom Classes

For me the worst thing is when I find a sub class that I love the design of, but hate the abilities. For instance the Mass Effect fan in me loves the Z7 Imp, the gamer in me hates the main fire. It would be awesome to take the skin from one subclass and apply it to the abilities of another.

How likely am I to get this? Not at all. This seems like a game launch feature, not a random update down the road.

More Sunflower/Scientist Health

Yes healing classes should be squishy, I understand that. That being said the Sunflower and Scientist are just a bit too much so. An extra 25 health would still keep the Sunflower and Scientist easier to kill, but give people that choose that class a bit more wiggle room. It also might encourage people to use the classes more, adding more diversity to the field of multiplayer games.

How likely am I to get this? Hard to say. They are older characters so it doesn’t seem too likely. However if EA is serious about keeping the community really active it might be something they are pressured to do eventually.

The Ability to Pick Plant or Zombie Character Pack

This game has a lot of characters. Building up the coins to buy character packs is part of the challenge of the game, I support that. The problem is RNG can be a real pain. For multiple classes I have not unlocked a single character, I can get behind that. What I have a harder time getting behind is that I have a very unbalanced number of characters on one side vs the other. Adding sticker packs that let you choose plant or zombie would be nice.

How likely am I to get this? I would say 30/70, the 70 for not likely. Enough people would like this were it added, but I don’t feel it’s something that will be largely requested. Not only that but EA wants to keep you playing. If you want all the zombie characters, and are able to help yourself get them, you might stop after that.

The Ability to Boot Players

I know how rude this seems, but hear me out. I don’t want to be able to just kick people without reason. There are however there is one major reason I want this, inactive players, or players that glitch out your game. Usually there is at least one inactive player in things like team vanquish, and frankly the group should be able to boot them. Now I realize they might have an excuse for their inactivity and that’s fine, but it doesn’t change facts. Another instance similar to inactive players, is players that their joining mess with the game. For example, I was once playing graveyard ops and another player joined, instantly the game lagged out but didn’t drop either of us. Instead of being able to boot the offending player I had to quit out and restart the entire ops.

How likely am I to get this? No chance. Plants vs Zombies is meant to appeal to a wide range of gamers. Adding a boot feature would increase the overall competitiveness and possibly completely remove entire auidences.

So there is my wishlist for future updates. Honestly most of the things that I would like for the game are rather unlikely to happen. The formula has been set, and this point only minor tweaking seems to be the way EA plans to keep the game balanced. I am curious to see what future updates will hold though, and the direction the game will take as a result.

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Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition Details

The Ultimate Edition of Gears of War 4 has been officially announced, and details are out. The Ultimate Edition will cost $99.99 US. It will include the game, and the season pass which will retail for $49.99 on it’s own. It will also include a SteelBook, and early access to the game. In fact people that pre order the Ultimate Edition will be able to play the game 4 days before Gears of War 4 actually launches. Gamers can officially pre order the Ultimate edition, or the standard edition of the game as of today.

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Lionsgate Films Now on Steam

Lionsgate and Steam created a partnership not too long ago, and fans can finally see the result of that. As of today you will be able to rent over 100 different Lionsgate titles via Steam. The rental cost varies, but is usually in the $4-$5 dollar range, and lasts for 48 hours. Steam has also guaranteed that the rentals will work for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Among the films you can rent are the popular Hunger Games titles, and the horror franchise Saw. If you are a fan of Lionsgate and have been enjoying their films on other streaming services have no fear. The partnership with Steam is not fully exclusive, so some films will still be aavailable through services like Hulu+.

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Mini Review: The Hike

Trigger Warnings

This movie was recommended to me on Hulu, I am guessing because The Descent is one of my highest rated horror films. Like The Descent, it’s about a group of girls that go on excursion together, then things go horribly wrong. The problem with The Hike, and many horror films, is that it depends on making the audience uncomfortable, instead of having actual horror. Let me state simply, so there is no misunderstanding; Movies that have to depend on drawn out sexual assault scenes are in my opinion bad movies. The Hike is not the first, and probably not the last, “horror” film that has no subsistence and instead just makes the audience extremely uncomfortable with the use of sexual assault. I am willing to admit that sexual horror can have it’s place, but if that’s all you have then you don’t have a good horror film.

The movie starts with a number of girls running, showing something horrific is happening in the area. Flash to our heroes, going for a hike. When night falls they notice one of the girls is missing, and they start getting picked off. The movie attempts to build suspense by giving the audience a large number “red herrings” over who the killers are/might be. It’s not effective though, with the killers revealing themselves rather early, and it not being surprising in the least. Once the killers are revealed, the movie virtually stops all plot, suspense, and attempt to build anything worth watching. Our “hero girl” comes in time to save some of their girls from their fate, there is a drawn out and rather boring chase, and it all end with a failed attempt at an intense climax.

It’s probably one of the most disappointing, anti-climatic, dull horror films I’ve ever seen. The plot has potential, in fact we’ve seen similar plots done well before, this film does nothing to rise to the occasion though. By the “climax” I found myself struggling to continue. The Hike can and probably should be skipped.

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Impressions: Chappie

Previously published on geekspective a no longer active site

Chappie is the next sci-fi flick that attempts to explore what would happen if a robot were to achieve consciousness. The main plot is about company that invents a police robotic unit with partial AI. The main inventor’s goal it to create a robot with full AI that can learn and think for itself. He manages to achieve this, but is blocked by his company. He attempts to install the program to a robot scheduled for decommission when he is kidnapped by gangsters, two of which are Ninja and Yolandi from the South African group Die Antwoord. From that point forward the movie gets a little convoluted to say the least.

The movie follows Chappie’s (the robot) story as he learns and develops. He’s torn between Yolandi, and his maker treating him as a child and encouraging his creativity and Ninja’s desire to turn him into a killing machine. Hugh Jackman plays a revival engineer that is upset with the success of the police units and progressively goes more crazy as he tries to force his own units out. Chappie then not only deals with who he is but the fact that he will die, bringing in the question of the consciousness and what it truly is. Not only is the plot a little convoluted but the movie itself suffers from a bit of identity crisis.

It will make you feel a range of emotions, which in and of itself is welcome but does so in rather jarring ways. The movie bounces between an extremely heart warming tell, to a sci-fi thriller, to a gangster movie, with more than a little splash of experimental film making thrown in. The movie in short suffers from trying to do way too much. None of the stories or focuses of the film really feel like they are given enough attention because the movie is bouncing around so much. Not only that but it also feels incomplete by the conclusion.

All of that being said it’s not a bad movie. It’s fun, with an interesting cast of characters. Ninja and Yolandi manage to do a good job in their roles, though a little novice in comparison to the rest of the cast. Chappie is well designed and extremely expressive for a robot. The visual effects are fun, and if you like Die Antwoord you will enjoy the soundtrack. It’s a good popcorn flick, but it had potential to be a lot more. Cutting a few ideas and giving more focus on what was left would have taken this movie from simply being entertaining to so much more. There is fun to be had though for sci-fi fans.

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More Former Rare Staff Joins Yooka-Laylee Team

Yooka-Laylee is the Kickstarter funded, spiritual success to the Banjo-Kazooie series. While there was a flood of information early in the funding stage, news has slowed down recently. Developers have promised they are hard at work, but have not said much else about the project in recent days. However, on Twitter the news broke that another person that used to be on the Rare staff has joined up on the project. Phil Tossell has signed on to the Yooka-Laylee project. In the past Tossell was a coder for Star Fox Adventures, and Kameo: Elements of Power. He has not joined the Playtonic Studio, but he will be doing some coding for the Yooka-Laylee game. Though the new doesn’t tell us much, we are still glad to see more of the Rare team come aboard the project.

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The Jungle Book Has Great Opening Weekend

The numbers are in, and The Jungle Book passed expectations for it’s opening weekend. Most projected the film making $85 million, but it passed that figure and made $103.6 million. It is well on it’s way to be a major commercial success. Not only has it made a lot of money, but it’s been well received by critics. The film blends live action with solid CGI effects, and boasts an all star cast. Many are hoping that it is the level of film we can expect from future live action Disney films, such as Beauty and the Beast which is coming next year.