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DOOM Open Beta Coming Soon

Many lucky gamers got to try out the recent DOOM beta. Those left out, are understandably jealous, though that jealousy doesn’t have to last. Bethesda has announced that April 15th-17th there will be a completely open beta for DOOM. The open beta will be the same as the closed, giving players access to Team Deathmatch and Warpath modes on two different maps. In addition to that piece of good news Bethesda also announced the games first round of DLC. There will be 3 different packs, priced at $14.99 US. Each one will include new maps, new weapons, characters, armour, and more. There will also be a season pass for the DLC priced at $39.99. This news is less cheerful, especially with the limited number of maps at launch, and the fact that DLC will all but start on launch date. There is a clear push to force gamers into the season pass program if they intend on being able to keep up with the multiplayer side of DOOM. That being said we areĀ still rather hype for the game.

So again prepare for the open beta April 15th-17th, and the launch of the game on May 13th.

Let us know what you think?

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