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Live Action Horror Game Headed to a Console Near You

The Bunker has been officially announced for consoles, and it’s taking a bit of a new direction. The game will be entirely live action, no CGI or motion capture. Games like Quantum Break and Until Dawn have been combining live action with CGI, however full live action games are rather rare. Actors will guide gamers through a non linear story line, set in England after a nuclear attack. The main character, John, survived the attack by using an old military bunker for shelter. Players will guide John through various puzzles, and have to make some hard choices for him. Adam Brown stars as John, with Sarah Green and Grahame Fox also making appearances. Live action games like this are usually rather cheesy, but given the cast and the developers focus on solid story telling The Bunker looks like it will break that mold. The actual release date is unknown, however late 2016 is the teaser date. We’re actually pretty hype to see what this game will have to offer, and will bring you more news as it unfolds.

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