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Sharknado 4 Gets Full Name, and it’s Worth a Groan

To be honest that’s not a whole lot about Sharknado that won’t cause most people to groan, I mean it’s Sharknado. However gearing up for the premier for the 4th movie, Syfy has announced it’s full title. Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens. Nothing like a good Star Wars pun to help sell your over the top B movie. The movie also promises to show the results of the April Lives or April Dies vote. Tara Reid will be in the movie either way for at least some time, however Syfy has promised to follow the vote, so her fate in this movie was already decided by the fans. Really at this point it’s more a matter of whether or not the joke is still funny. Sharknado started at embracing the ridiculous and taking it to the next step. Most people got a kick out of it, myself included. Now though it seems to be more just straight groans, and less groans with giggles. Either way we will find July 31st when the movie premiers on Syfy.

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