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Final Fantasy 7 A Series of Full Length Games

Many gamers were disappointed when the news that the Final Fantasy 7 would be episodic was announced. Square Enix has released information, clarifying what they mean. The game is episodic, however it won’t be made up of many short episodes. Producer Yoshinori Kitase told Game Informer that the remake would be made up of three games. He went on to say that each of the three games would basically be it’s own full length game experience. He compared it to the structure of Final Fantasy XIII. He agreed with people who complained, saying that it made no sense to break up the pre existing story into smaller episodes. The clarification is greatly appreciated, as it changes how fans will imagine this game entirely. Yoshinori Kitase also gave a list of developers that worked on the original that were involved in the remake, himself included.

While many fans wish that they were simply remastering Final Fantasy 7 instead of remaking it, the overall news is good. Many complaints have been addressed, and the direction for the game seems solid. There is no release date for the various episodes that will make up the game, but we will bring you more news as it unfolds.

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