EC Boom Box

Geeky Chic by Shannon: EC Boom Box!

I am a girl. I am a nerd. I hold these truths to be self-evident. And so do the ladies behind Espionage Cosmetics, the nerd makeup company based in Tacoma, Washington. I have been using their products for a little over a year now, after stumbling upon an advertisement for their nail wraps on the Borderlands website. Yes, the video game Borderlands. I’ve been an addict ever since.

Now, I do not wear makeup everyday, nor do I consider myself to be that talented when it comes to applying color to my face. But, I do have fun with it and I love having lots of colors to try new things. I also used to bite my nails. But I broke that habit by using their awesome nerdy nail wraps to prevent nibbles. Best thing? Their cosmetics line is cruelty-free and much of it is vegan!

But let me get back to my original reason for this post: The EC Book Box! My favorite cosmetics company started a subscription service a few months back, and after seeing that February’s theme was “Most Ardently,” I had to buy all the things. I loved my Jane Austen/Zombies box, but the box I received in the mail yesterday? Even better!

April’s box is all about “Fables,” and the nerd misfits at Espionage Cosmetics did not disappoint. First of all, everything comes in a bright pink box that announces to the world that you are about to delve into a beautiful nerdy realm of goodies. Look at all of this stuff!

EC Boom Box
So much goodness inside!
Here Comes the Boom
Oh yeah it is!
EC Boom Box Candy Cleanse Sugar Scrub
This sugar scrub smells so good I want to eat it. Good thing it warns me not to on the packaging!
EC Boom Box Rumpelstiltskin Shadow and Banshee Lip Serum
The BOOM! Debut of Rumpelstiltskin Everything Shadow, Banshee Lip Serum, and the little container so I can mix up my own lip color concoctions! P.S. Cool shark nails, huh? Also from Espionage Cosmetics…
EC Boom Box Mystical Mane and Fairies Nail Wraps
I’ve wrapped my nails in Mystical Mane before, because I’m a unicorn, so I won’t say no to more! But, look at this NEW design! FAIRIES! GLITTER FAIRIES!!!
EC Boom Box Mermaiden Stationery
I need to find some penpals, so I can use this Mermaiden Stationery! High-quality paper AND matching envelopes. Who wants me to drop them a line?
EC Boom Box Crest Sticker
The Official Espionage Cosmetics Crest Sticker. I will put it somewhere official. Officially.
EC Boom Box Temporary Tattoos
Some super duper shiny temporary tattoos! It’s like I’m a kid again…yay for never growing up!
EC Boom Box Unicorn Soap
And finally, the coup de grace…UNICORN SOAP. Yes, I now have a green apple scented magical unicorn soap (by Digital Soaps) for when I need to add some magic to my bath. BOOM.


I am stoked to use the scrub and the tattoos, and have already tried out the lip serum and the everything shadow. Rumpelstiltskin is a beautiful sheer gold color on my very light skin (which is why I don’t have a picture to show you…it’s subtle!). The lip serum looks like it would be BAM! purple, but it goes on sheer and smelled to me like grape gum. My fiance keeps trying to steal kisses when I’m wearing it. Not because he wants to show me his undying love, but because he wants my lip gloss. I love Espionage’s lip serums, because they have wonderful ingredients like coconut oil that keep my lips hydrated and happy.

I got all of this on my doorstep for only $30.00. Can you believe it? I can! But that’s because I believe in fairy magic. I think that the EC Boom Box is a fantastic deal, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with for June. If you want to get in on this nerdy makeup goodness, go to their website at and subscribe! If you want to check out Espionage Cosmetics other product lines, you can visit them at

Thanks for checking out my first entry in the Geek Chic series, and stay tuned for more of my (mis)adventures in nerdy fashion!

Shannon is a freelance writer/librarian/gamer girl/dog lover/professional wrestling fan/unicorn/nerd geek hybrid. She is working on an original comic book series, and turning a school bus into a tiny mobile home! Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitteryou know the drill.

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