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IT Adaptation To Start Filming Soon

There has been so much news about The Dark Tower movie adaptation, that many people have forgotten that we will be seeing another Stephen King work turned movie. IT is being remade with Andres Muschietti (Mama) as director. King announced on Facebook that The Dark Tower has begun filming, and that IT will be starting soon. While “soon” isn’t really a date the rumor mill has been circulating that they will start filming as early as this summer. The Facebook announcement has only further fueled the rumor flames. IT is actually going to be a two part movie series with the first film showing the story of the children, while the second will be about their return home to fight Pennywise. This format is fairly similar to how the mini series played out, and it is nice that both aspects of the story will be receiving their own movie instead of heavily edited to make it fit into one. We are hoping to get an exact date on what “soon” means, as well as a cast list, especially for Pennywise. We will updated you as more news unfolds.

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