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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: A Wishlist

After hearing enough complaints EA released an update nerfing the overpowered Rose character. It’s proof that EA seems like they are in for the long haul with the game. They are open to making changes down the road to keep the community more balanced and happy. With that knowledge I decided to sit down and think about my “PvZ” wishlist, for future updates. In this list I am not including things like game types or maps. While they are on my wishlist they are already all but promised to us with future updates.

Chomper Swallow Ability

I’ve actually been complaining about this since the first Garden Warfare. The Swallow Ability is way too overpowered. It’s cool down is not nearly long enough considering it’s insta death on ANY character. It makes sense though, the Chomper being entirely unable to attack for any longer would just create a problem on the other side of things. My wish is that they would make it so that Chompers are unable to swallow any player with full health. It’s really the best of both worlds. Players would still be able to use the ability and gain the ability to defend themselves in the same amount of time, however it would prevent insta death from happening to someone that just dropped in at full health.

How likely am I to get this? Not at all. In just a few weeks EA acknowledged a problem with a character and released something to fix it. The Chomper has been overpowered for two full games now, and EA hasn’t even acknowledged it.

Kernal Corn Damage

Kernal Corn should be one of the best, instead it’s rather average. He simply doesn’t do enough damage with basic attacks. While Kernal Corn comes with a large amount of ammo, it isn’t enough. A good example would be the fact that with 35 bullets you can face off another player, using every single one of them and still not score a kill. It would be easy to make the character far too damaging, but at this point it’s way too weak. The other abilities for the character are amazing, that just isn’t enough.

How likely am I to get this? I am not sure. On the one hand I haven’t seen a lot of buzz for this change. On the other the game is still fresh yet. Kernal Corn is rarely used and I think a lot of it has to do with how weak his base attack is. EA does have a vested interest in keeping players interested in their new classes, as such enough requests for it could yield positive results.

Scientist Standard Grenade

Scientists come with a sticky grenade of sorts. It can be helpful in a pinch, however it’s very easy to avoid if it’s tossed at you. In fact a lot of the grenades just simply don’t go off once they land on the field. My solution? The ability to change to just a standard grenade.

How likely am I to get this? Once again not very. It’s a character from the first game, so if they were going to make changes it likely would have already happened.

Custom Classes

For me the worst thing is when I find a sub class that I love the design of, but hate the abilities. For instance the Mass Effect fan in me loves the Z7 Imp, the gamer in me hates the main fire. It would be awesome to take the skin from one subclass and apply it to the abilities of another.

How likely am I to get this? Not at all. This seems like a game launch feature, not a random update down the road.

More Sunflower/Scientist Health

Yes healing classes should be squishy, I understand that. That being said the Sunflower and Scientist are just a bit too much so. An extra 25 health would still keep the Sunflower and Scientist easier to kill, but give people that choose that class a bit more wiggle room. It also might encourage people to use the classes more, adding more diversity to the field of multiplayer games.

How likely am I to get this? Hard to say. They are older characters so it doesn’t seem too likely. However if EA is serious about keeping the community really active it might be something they are pressured to do eventually.

The Ability to Pick Plant or Zombie Character Pack

This game has a lot of characters. Building up the coins to buy character packs is part of the challenge of the game, I support that. The problem is RNG can be a real pain. For multiple classes I have not unlocked a single character, I can get behind that. What I have a harder time getting behind is that I have a very unbalanced number of characters on one side vs the other. Adding sticker packs that let you choose plant or zombie would be nice.

How likely am I to get this? I would say 30/70, the 70 for not likely. Enough people would like this were it added, but I don’t feel it’s something that will be largely requested. Not only that but EA wants to keep you playing. If you want all the zombie characters, and are able to help yourself get them, you might stop after that.

The Ability to Boot Players

I know how rude this seems, but hear me out. I don’t want to be able to just kick people without reason. There are however there is one major reason I want this, inactive players, or players that glitch out your game. Usually there is at least one inactive player in things like team vanquish, and frankly the group should be able to boot them. Now I realize they might have an excuse for their inactivity and that’s fine, but it doesn’t change facts. Another instance similar to inactive players, is players that their joining mess with the game. For example, I was once playing graveyard ops and another player joined, instantly the game lagged out but didn’t drop either of us. Instead of being able to boot the offending player I had to quit out and restart the entire ops.

How likely am I to get this? No chance. Plants vs Zombies is meant to appeal to a wide range of gamers. Adding a boot feature would increase the overall competitiveness and possibly completely remove entire auidences.

So there is my wishlist for future updates. Honestly most of the things that I would like for the game are rather unlikely to happen. The formula has been set, and this point only minor tweaking seems to be the way EA plans to keep the game balanced. I am curious to see what future updates will hold though, and the direction the game will take as a result.

Let us know what you think?

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