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Achievements for Total Jerks

Not long ago we did a list of shameful achievements, ones you really wouldn’t want on your list. This time we are looking at some of the achievements that might also make you feel shame, but for a totally different reason. Here are achievements that required you to do just awful things to unlock them.

Red Dead Redemption: Manifest Destiny


A lot of people say the Dastardly achievement is one of the worst in this game, but that one is at least amusing. No this achievement requires you to kill every single buffalo, for a grand total of 5g. What’s a little bit of extinction when there is gamerscore to be had?

Fallout New Vegas: Veni, Vidi, Vici

There are multiple endings to Fallout New Vegas, and this is awarded for getting the Caesar’s Legion ending. Help the Legion to rise to power over the Mojave Wastes for 15g. Of course that means putting a faction in charge that enslaves women, children, and brutally murders anyone that doesn’t conform to their ways.

Fable II: The Egomaniac


Spoiler Alert: At the end of Fable II you are given 3 options. You can do the noble thing and bring back all the people that died in the creation of The Spire. You can be slightly evil and bring back your dog (and family, but really it’s about the dog), and sacrifice all the people. OR for 25g you can sacrifice all the people that died to The Spire, your dog, and your family for a small amount of gold.

Deus Ex Human Revolution: Sentimental Value

When solving the case of what happened to Megan for her mother, you come across a bracelet. A bracelet that would mean a lot to a grieving mother. Choose to keep it for 10g, who cares about her mourning.

Fallout 3: Strictly Business


To get this achievement simply do the quest, Strictly Business. It requires you to find and enslave a few people around the wastes for the slavers at Paradise Falls. The achievement gives you 20g, and the game allows you to then just enslave anyone you want. How lovely.

Overlord II: Seal Slayer

Kill 100 baby seals, and get 20g. There’s really nothing else to say.

Fallout 3: Scourge of Humanity

Reach level 20 with Bad Karma and receive 30g. In order to obtain that you will likely have to side with the slavers, blow up Megaton, kill random innocent people, and just be an evil person. At least it’s fun?

Mass Effect: Renegade


Like the above achievement you get this for reaching a certain level of “evil”. Get 75% Renegade points and 15g. It will likely only cost you sacrificing an entire race, turning your back on the council, and being a general jerk along the way.

Go out, embrace the evil side of you, and earn some gamerscore. Happy Hunting!

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