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Mass Effect Attraction Opening Soon

It has been announced that a special Mass Effect attraction will be opening next month. The ride will be at California’s Great America in Santa Clara. The “ride” is more a theater attraction meets ride. It will be in 80 seat theater and in 3D. In addition to that the chairs will of course move, but it will also feature wind, water, and things that interact with both the legs and neck of the audience. The designers worked directly with Bioware to make sure the attraction truly felt like it was part of the Mass Effect series. It will not follow Shepard, but rather it’s own stand alone story. In addition to making sure it truly felt like Mass Effect, the designers were also adamant about making sure the ride could be enjoyed by the largest number of people. They acknowledged the problems with motion sickness that can arise from this type of attraction, and worked hard to smooth out the rough edges. So gamers get ready to experience Mass Effect in a whole new way when the ride opens next month.

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