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Netflix, BBC, and Boyega Teaming Up for Watership Down

For those that don’t know Watership Down is a classic novel that follows the story of anthropomorphised rabbits and their adventures to establish their new home in the world. While a children’s book it features a lot of darker themes, including the cruelty of man, and a number of violent scenes. They might be bunnies, but they are bunnies as people have never seen them before. The book was first adapted in the 1970s into a movie. The movie received mixed reactions because of the level of violence it featured, despite being “a kid’s movie”. However Netflix and BBC are teaming up for a four part animated series for the book. While representative have said that the dark themes of the book will have their place in series, they will work to not make the new series as violent as some past adaptations have been. In addition to these announcements, it’s also been confirmed that John Boyega will be voicing Bigwig the rabbit. Boyega is of course most known for his role as Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The series is set to premier on BBC One and Netflix sometime next year. We are actually really excited to hear about this new adaptation, and will bring you more news in the future.

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