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Mini Review: Evidence

Evidence is yet another found footage film, that seems to fit in the almost subgenre (of a subgenre) that is attempting to “break away” from other found footage films. There seems to be a trend in trying to be different from films of this nature, when the reality is it would be better to just stop with films of this nature.

Putting that aside, it does some rather clever things. It presents both the found footage aspect, and the cops attempting to use the footage to solve the crime. It’s honestly not the worst idea, and at times works very well. The problem being is you are left with a sort of mess. It’s a movie that is half thriller crime drama, and half gorey horror flick. Neither one succeeds, and combined they are underwhelming.

The crime drama seems unfinished, there is some jargon thrown in, and real detective work. A backstory of the gritty cop wanting to prove himself after a personal tragedy. The characters you expect in this sort of cop story make their appearance, as well as the expected we got it wrong way too early. On the horror end of things you have the group abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Crazy kills, truly scary moments, and a sense of dread. Nothing is fleshed out though. The crime drama aspect is incomplete, and the horror aspect feels lazy. By the time the big twist comes you’ve pretty much figured it out, and the completely expected “horror movie trying to make a statement” ending is groan worthy.

I found myself wishing the entire movie that this had just been a thriller. Take away the gore (leave the suspense), work harder on the crime solving aspects, and the actual ending, and you’d have the makings of a really great thriller movie like we haven’t seen in years. Instead this can be written off as an albeit entertaining, but mostly forgettable horror film. I won’t say it’s awful, it’s worth at least one watch, and had some rather compelling moments. However, it had a lot of potential to be something unique and worthwhile. Instead it manages to land on average.

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