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New Update for Stardew Valley Coming Soon

ConcernedApe has released details for a new update for the hit game, Stardew Valley. The update will be coming soon and will include a number of things for the game. Shane and Emily will become marriage candidates, which will also update their events/dialogues. More content will be added for players to experience with their spouses. More events for the non-marriage NPCs, more secrets, as well as more late game content. New crops, buildings, and artisan goods will also be added. Beyond that a few fixes to make the game more convenient will be added, such as the ability to move buildings. All of this, plus more, in order to the keep the game fresh, and give players more to do in the already expansive world of Stardew Valley. The exact release date for this update is unknown as of yet, but ConcernedApe has said it will come soon.

In addition to this ConcernedApe has also mentioned adding co-op to the game, as well as hoping to bring the game to consoles in the future. In fact it seems that publisher Chucklefish has taken over the work on co-op in order to help make that a reality. We’ve talked before about how Stardew Valley has more in the game than it first appears, and it seems like the developer is doing their best to continue to grow this world.

Let us know what you think?

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