Join Our Team

Hello everyone! Are you interested in joining the Geeks Nerds Unite team? Or do you just have an article or two that you’d like to get out there? Either way we are looking for you. GNU is accepting both regular contributors and one time submissions. We are looking for comic book, tv, and technology writers above all, however we will accept submissions from people interested in all areas of geek/nerd writing. We are also looking for people interested in YouTube video submissions, as we are hoping to build our YouTube presence soon.

At this time all submissions are done on a volunteer basis. However it’s a great way to build your writing resume, and get your voice/pieces out there. We are hoping that as our online presence grows that we can start paying for pieces, and those already on staff will be the first to benefit from this.

If you are interested please contact Megan E. Pearson at geeksnerdsunite@gmail.com with your name, what areas you are interested in writing for, what experience you have (if any, and don’t worry it’s not required), and a sample of your writing. Also let us know if you are interested in being a regular contributor or just random pieces every once in awhile.

Let us know what you think?

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