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Impressions: Archer Bel Panto Part I & II

Alan Shapiro and Veronica Deane return for this two part episode. Multi-part episodes have been important to Archer for the last few seasons. They have managed to bring in some of the best development, and are often highlights. So far Archer has done fairly well in California, can they keep it up?


Alan Shapiro hires The Figgis Agency to protect a jeweled necklace that Deane insists on wearing to a fancy party. The necklace is worth a couple million, but she wants to show up her ex and Shapiro can’t talk her out of it. Half of the crew is there as party guests, the other half as waiters. Of course after a short amount of time the party is crashed, and the bad guys attempt to steal the necklace. Archer is separated from the crew with Deane, and tries to infiltrate the robbers. The others of course come up with their own plan. What follows is a lead up to farcical climax.


This episode is rather predictable. It sets up a clear path in which everyone is going to end up infiltrating the group, but then fighting each other because they don’t know who else infiltrated the group. Despite how predictable it is, it’s still a rather enjoyable ride. The gags and overall plot have been seen before, but it does feel like a bit of an homage to other slapstick comedies. What makes Archer Archer isn’t really the plot line, but rather the charm that it brings.

Archer attempts to be the hero, and for the most part does fairly well. Cheryl falls for one of the robbers, and spends the episode being Cheryl. Pam steps up as an unexpected hero, and actually does rather well. Lana of course underestimates Archer, but eventually is convinced that she should be fighting with him instead of against him. It’s a formula we’ve seen but with gags and jokes that sell it well.

For the multi-part episodes that have been so important to Archer lately, this one is not the most compelling. It does make you laugh though, and the ending of the standoff is beyond hilarious. It also does a good job of bringing Deane, and her shady lawyer Shapiro back to the forefront of our minds, this to me implies that they will be important to the end of the season overall.


Like a lot of this season, this is not the best, nor is it the worst. Archer seems to be on a plateau, it’s funny, but not hitting any peaks. Also being middle of the road for such a great show is really not a bad thing. Archer on a plateau is better than some shows at their peak.

Let us know what you think?

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