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The Martian Team Going Western

Ridley Scott, Drew Goddard, and Simon Kinberg are all teaming up again for another novel to film adaptation. The three of them famously worked together to bring audiences The Martian, and will now be adapting Wraiths of the Broken Land. Ridley Scott will be directing, Goddard writing, and Kinberg producing. Wraiths of the Broken Land is a western, and features traditional elements of the genre, however it also brings in numerous elements from horror as well. It follows a family attempting to find two sisters that are taken from them and forced into prostitution. The family in attempting to rescue their lost girls, also want to get serious revenge. It promises to be dark, gritty, and a multi genre flick. The three have also said that working together on The Martian went very smoothly for them, so they are hoping to repeat that success. We will bring you more news as it unfolds.

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