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Impressions: #horror

#horror was a video on demand movie, meaning much like The Veil, it didn’t have a major release but instead went straight to streaming services. It’s a new way a lot of studios/directors are choosing to handle horror so they can skip box office competition, and even push the limits. #horror does push the limits with a cast of mostly young girls, but was that enough to make it worth tuning into?


#horror follows a group of mean girls. Sam shows up at a sleepover, even though she doesn’t really fit in with the group. The girls are rather awful to each other, and obsessed with their own social media. After a round of rather mean bullying, Cat is asked to leave the house, and Georgie is sad because a mean picture of her will be out on the internet forever. Sam comes up with the great idea of locking up their phones, thus creating the situation in which the girls can’t call for help. Not long after the cellphones are locked up the girls get freaked out by Cat’s father and one by one start to go missing. Pictures of the girl’s murders show up on the internet as the survivors attempt to escape.


#horror has a fairly clever idea. Talking about the obsession with social media, and how awful the girls are to each other seems clever. The execution leaves a lot to be desired though. The movie becomes rather obsessed with it’s own point, to the extent that it seems to forget itself. The girls are awful, and completely unsympathetic. The focus is also so much on them that the adults suffer a great deal. In fact the extreme talented Chloe Sevigny has an almost painful performance it’s so stiff. The plot suffers because every time it gets rolling it needs to stop so the girls can once again remind us that we are too obsessed with our phones, and too mean to one another.

The movie also has the shock factor to it. The girls are hunted, and their death scenes are brutal and rather drawn out. Most major motion horror films tend to gloss over the killing on children. Even if included there is a fade to black or the camera pans away, this movie does not bother with that. Because it was VoD there was less dealing with the ratings board, and so the movie pushes the limits a bit with the death of the girls. I have said it before, and will say it again, shocking does not make a movie good, it just makes it shocking.


I know I didn’t say much, but frankly there just isn’t much to say. The movie is not good. It is so obsessed with it’s own point it fails to be neither compelling nor entertaining. It depends entirely on being shocking and “having something to say”. So you are left with a dull film that fails to live up to what it was trying so hard to say. It can be skipped.

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