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Mini Review: The Green Inferno

I tried to go into this movie with a rather open mind. I will admit I am not the biggest fan of Eli Roth as a director. He really seems to make mostly gore porn, which I don’t care for, or see much value in. That being said after seeing The Sacrament, which he produced, I had hoped that he had grown a little. The reality is The Green Inferno is just the same gore porn with lot prettier cinematics. That might be harsh, but really I can’t think of another way to put it.

Justine is the daughter of a UN lawyer, and conned by a group of activists to join their latest cause. They go to the Amazon in order to protest deforestation and the murder of indigenous people. Justine finds out they only brought her, knowing that having the child of someone that works for the UN being threatened would sell their cause. Justine is rightfully angry, but the group finishes their protest and starts to leave. However, their plane crashes. A good chunk of the cast dies in the resulting crash, the survivors are kidnapped by the very tribe they were hoping to save.

The tribe ends up being cannibalistic, naturally, and if that wasn’t bothersome enough they are also believers in female circumcision (mutilation), headhunters, and pretty much every other offensive version of what people assume indigenous people to be. What results is gore, highly problematic depictions of both the “heroes” and the “killers”, and just a mess. It’s offensive, over the top, and sadly has almost no redeeming value. The characters themselves are completely unsympathetic, with the leader of the group turning into a unrelenting jerk as a result of what they are going through, and our survivor girl Justine is more annoying than worth cheering for. There is a clear underlying theme about fake activism, but it’s drowning in all the issues this movie has.

At least there are some pretty shots of the forest? Really though there is nothing here. Find any cannibal movie from the 80s and slap a coat of paint on it and you have The Green Inferno. There is nothing original or worthwhile at play. The best compliment I can give it is that some of the people do ok with the acting, but really only some. If you like shocking over the top gore porn this is the movie for you. If you believe horror should be more than just “horrific scenes” then move on.

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