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Games That Could Have Been Great

There are a number of games out there that hold so much potential. They are games that vary in execution, some of them are actually good while others are down right horrible. What they have in common is the fact that they could have been so much more.

Spryo: Enter the Dragonfly… but it was rushed


Spryo: Enter the Dragonfly was the first Spyro game for the PS2 and Gamecube. It was set up to do really well too. The series was still popular and adventure games like it (such as Ratchet and Clank) were doing very well. The game was rushed though, it released earlier than planned and suffered greatly for it. The game was shorted significantly, didn’t really innovate the series, and on top of all that suffered from some serious glitches. The game is nearly impossible to play because of it’s technical flaws. When the game is playable it’s a decent amount of fun and shows great potential, more of the game is spent resetting it than actually playing it though. Not only was the game itself terrible, but it is considered to be the main cause of Spryo’s fall from fame.


Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance… but there is just too much going on.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (like it’s name) has just a little too much going on. It continues the popular Kingdom Hearts series only adding in a few more bells and whistles. They included characters from World Ends With You. There is also a plethora of gameplay inclusions using both the touch pad and buttons, as well as the way you work with your team. The basic problem, there is just way too much happening in this game. Everything suffers slightly because it feels like no attention was paid to actually perfecting all these different aspects. It has one of the weaker stories in the series, rushed character development, and gameplay that doesn’t feel fleshed out. All in all it’s an ok game, but maybe had a few aspects been pulled the remaining ones could have shined.

Saints Row 4… but it was just a little too crazy.


The Saints Row series has gone through a lot of changes over it’s life time. It started as a subpar GTA clone, then embraced the power of humor to set it apart. Saints Row 3 took the humor to a pretty big extreme, then Saints Row 4 decided to double up on that. The game is just crazy, it adds crazy new gameplay features, and over the top story lines. The problem is there is no substance to back up this level of crazy. There is fun to be had, but honestly what the game really needs is some more heart.

Duke Nukem Forever… but, well we all know

Honestly at this point we’ve all said the same things about this game. It was delayed too many times, there are just no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Some people enjoyed the game, and there is fun to be had. The problem is the game was just sent back to the drawing board so many times that it sort of got lost in the process. In the end a game that was anticipated and hyped to no end was just an average game. There was nothing that stood out, innovated, or recaptured fans love of the series. If Spryo proves that games shouldn’t be rushed, this game proves that some games need to be given up on.

Assassin’s Creed 3… but it takes forever to start

Assassin’s Creed 3 is not a bad game, in fact it’s rather enjoyable. Not the best in the series, but a decent installment. There is one major problem in my opinion, and that is the game just doesn’t seem to want to start. First you play a little introduction with Haytham, it’s pretty clear you won’t be playing as him for the full game, but whatever it feels a lot like a tutorial. So you help Haytham, have a pretty big plot twist then take over the main character of Connor. The problem is you start as child Connor and do ANOTHER tutorial like set of missions as he grows up. Once he grows you think “finally the game will begin” and yet… That’s right more tutorial like missions. It’s hard to stay excited for the game when you just keep waiting for it to start. I am not one to complain about story heavy games, but honestly this game really just needed to get on with it.

Silent Hill 4… but it shouldn’t have been a Silent Hill game.


Despite what many (myself included) believe Silent Hill 4 was always meant to be a Silent Hill game. However the rumors that it was originally not connected to the series are pretty reasonable. Frankly I am of the belief that it just shouldn’t have been part of the series. The main point with Silent Hill 4 is that they wanted it to be completely different and “take the series in a new direction”. The problem is, it ends up just feeling disconnected and unsatisfying. The plot is interesting, but feels like all the “Silent Hill” inclusions are forced. The gameplay isn’t bad, but feels like a total departure. Honestly slap a different name on the game, remove the references to Silent Hill, and you have a decent survival horror game. The problem is the Silent Hill part sets up expectations that the game is unable to live up to.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot… but magic and honestly I’m not sure

The biggest problem with this game is they had a great foundation. Condemned was not perfect, but it was a really great and underrated game. It suffered from some issues but all the sequel really needed to do was flesh out what was already there. Instead they left the problematic things problematic, and then threw in a bunch of other stuff like magic and a convoluted plot. The game still suffers from technical issues like the first only now it was drowning in a bad story, and is just another horror action game rather than survival horror. At the end of the day it boils down to wasted potential.

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