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Impressions: Archer Double Indecency

After our two part episode Archer is back with another stand alone. It picks up shortly after the Bel Panto, with the fall out from that event still looming. How does this episode manage to stack up to the rest of the season?


The Figgis Agency is hired by a husband and his wife. Both believe the other is cheating on them, and want the crew to seduce their partner and film it. The wife hires the women, and the husband the men, neither group knows about the other’s involvement. The main chunk of the story is about Lana betting that Pam could seduce the man while Mallory sides with Cheryl. Ray believes that for the men Cyril will get it, while Archer believes any other man would be more sexy and bets on Krieger. Cyril, Krieger, Pam, and Cheryl go through various make overs while the others settle their bets.


Frankly this episode is not the best. It’s not a bad episode, just rather lacking. Most of the comedy is from the make overs and Lana, Mallory, Archer, and Ray trying to both up the bets, and back out at the same time. The pacing is rather stale, and the jokes get repeated one too many times. Possibly the funniest part of the entire episode is Krieger just being Krieger in the background pretty much the entire time.

Despite this not being the funniest episode it still does a number of things I like. One, Archer and Lana both agree (on their own no less) fairly quickly not to be involved in the seduction. The episode sets up the expectation that they will participate and we will have another misunderstanding/jealousy face off. I said in the Bel Panto Impressions that I was tired of that joke being repeated, and I meant it. I was extremely glad that wasn’t the way they went with it.

The other major thing this episode does well is the unexpected character development. The episode doesn’t have a lot of it, in fact more confirmation of what we already know. However at the end the group gets angry because Pam, Cheryl, Cyril, and Krieger are repeatedly insulted by the very people that hired them. Archer snaps, and a very clear message is sent. The characters in this show are down right cruel to each other at times, and it can (for me at least) almost get hard to watch. The climax of this episode is a stern reminder that while they might insult one another, none of the characters are willing to allow outsiders do it. Their frustration with the people that hired them, and anger over the insults they’ve endured makes the group come together and kick butt. It’s a nice ending actually.


It’s again not a terrible episode, but not my favorite. It made me giggle a few times, and the end was a little heart warming, or at least as heart warming as this show can be. It’s not an episode I will be in a hurry to watch again.

Let us know what you think?

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