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Mini Review: Trigun

Trigun is a late 90s anime, that combines futuristic tech with the retro feel of a western. It follows the story of Vash the Stampede, as he attempts to do good, but more often than not causes a lot of damage in the process. Meryl and Milly are insurance agents that follow him everywhere, attempting to either minimize the damage, or find justification for denying insurance pay outs.

Overall this show is mostly an action comedy. Vash is a rather bumbling hero, and while he is very skilled he is also very goofy. Meryl is a typical put upon worker, while Milly is more lighthearted and actually enjoys following Vash. Most of what you get is a wacky adventure with great action. Towards the end the more serious plot is revealed, showing a dark past for Vash that shapes his desire to never take another human life.

Trigun is equal parts great and frustrating. Like most “I refuse to kill” heroes (regardless of the media) it can be annoying to watch him. Multiple times it’s pretty evident that many people would be safer if Vash would just step up and take a life. That being said it does speak to the heart of the show, and who Vash is. He is a rather innocent man, thrown into a violent exsistance, and attempts to fight against it every day of his life.

It came out during the hay day of 90s anime, and has earned it’s place in a number of top anime lists. If you haven’t seen it you really should. If you have, and it’s been awhile maybe give Trigun another go.

2 thoughts on “Mini Review: Trigun”

  1. I really loved Trigun. Admittedly, the first half of the series is at times quite frustrating but once you learn why Vash is the way he is, you realy feel for him and everything he has gone through. Plus, the comedy really does work in this anime even while it crafts an interesting story.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this series.


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